Halloween Challenge!

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  • Thanks for the good wishes re: DD, girls.
    Now if I could just get my seven year old son to PRINT neatly...

    Navi, good for you committing to exercise. 20 minutes is great!

    Aqua and Robin, congratulations on your losses!! Oh, sorry, Rowan... ummm, what's the term... casting off? Or something.

    I am NOT doing well! Whose idea was this challenge, anyhow!? Mauvais?
  • Yes it was me...the evil redhead - mwah ha! ha! ha!
  • damn that skinny minny redhead
  • Had another vegan day yesterday. Three more days of my vegan challenge.

  • Hey, I only posted a challenge...it was you, Ellis, that decided to join...so

  • Speaking of the challenge, I am not weighing in today, I will wait and be surprised next week
  • Oh, dear. Is it confession day? Well, I'm still teatoring (teetering? teetoring? teatering?) at 179 1/2. I sort of lean to one side when I'm standing on the scale. In case it accidentally hits the 180 mark.
  • I'm checking in with my thrilling (well, thrilling to me) news -- I am down 4.5 lbs in the last two weeks, and have stayed OP on the South Beach Diet (Phase I)! Would have been more, maybe, if I hadn't eaten those two granola bars last weekend.... but hey, I'm still pretty happy. :-D
  • Ellis -- BREATHE OUT!

    Harmony -- Good job!!!

    Hey everyone, I made my one-week vegan challenge. Yay!

  • Bonjour Mauvaisroux

    Ca va?

    I'd like to join your Halloween Challenge. I know it's only two weeks away, but better late than never. Considering I have two weddings between now and Halloween, I think any weight loss would be considered a success.

    Current weight: 186 lbs
    Goal weight by 31st: to lose between 4-6 pounds
    Fitness goal: to get more exercise into my life. Currently I walk and I have started belly dancing.

    Ciao for now.

  • well here it is October 1st. I lost a total of 3 pounds for the month of September. I am not doing great for the challenge. But going down is going down. more more more...that is weight off!!!!

    now...I really really really want some candy corn....maybe for halloween?
  • Bonjour Teufelchen!

    Ca va très bien, merci, et toi?
    Je prends les cours de danse Orientale aussi!

    It is never too late to join the challenge!
  • Ok, soa month in, I currently royally suck at this. I am up 2 lbs. since the beginning of the challenge.

    However I did pick up a yoga tape from my sister. Who knowms maybe I will use it tomorrow.
  • Hi everyone,

    Hey, Squeaker, maybe the yoga will make you feel better -- all graceful and flexible and stuff -- and motivate you. Keep trying.

    Lady, mmm, candy corn... mmm...

    Teufelchen, welcome. Isn't belly dancing great? You feel better about your body, no matter the shape. I did it years ago and I want to start again.

    OK, maybe you all can give me some advice. I completed my one week vegan challenge and I'm motivated to go a longer time. I was planning to start on Sunday because I have some pizza-encumbered social obligations between now and then. But then I thought to myself that I am going to have to learn to say no in social settings if I ever want to commit to a long term obligation.

    I DON'T want to say no because "I am on a diet." That's not the way I look at my eating change, plus, it's embarassing! But I don't want to say "I'm vegan." Because right now, I'm not. I still eat lacto-ovo (although less and less frequently). I'd feel stupid saying I was eating vegan, and then a day or two from then they'd see me eating a grilled cheese sandwich. Know what I'm saying?

    So what should I do? Put off starting? I feel like I would be caving to social pressure. I have to learn not to do that. Plus, for me, it's an ethical situation. Should I set aside my ethics, even if I'm only aspiring to them and not perfect by any means, just to fit in? Phrased that way it sounds really obvious. And even more, these are people from my CHURCH.


  • Bleah! I am up a pound this week but I have been off plan this week so I only have myself to blame.