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AlldaLapin 08-14-2016 12:00 PM

Any tips or tricks?
WOOOOOO! I LIKE IT HERE! First of all I'd like to say I love you people! I just spent a few hours reading through this forum and I feel like I fit here, which is not something I feel very often. I'm a bit left of center, just generally, so if its OK I'll post here since I'm very interested in your opinions/input.

Soooo... Guess who has two thumbs and woke up this morning with debilitating cramps, back pain, bloating, and an immediate need for a large brownie and a glass of milk!? ...This chick. Right here.

I'm not well educated about holistic remedies, but I'm trying so hard to put less crap in my body and just now that extends to not wanting to suff my system with medication and deal with the corresponding stomach pain for the rest of the day. Anybody out there have any tricks for continuing to feel like a human being during "that time of the month"? If you do, your advice would be VERY appreciated!

SeeMyFeet 08-15-2016 12:36 AM


And sorry, I reached for the ibuprofen. Only took one tablet, though, and it was miraculous. I also tried to stay off the coffee and not eat too much. And exercise. The Real cure was pregnancy! No more cramps afterward! Ever! (not the approach for everyone)

Hang in there!

sylphide 11-28-2016 11:45 PM

Make a raw brownie! Tried to post a link but the site won't let me. Google "my new roots" and "raw brownie" you should find the recipe.

Drink chamomile tea (relieves cramps)

If you feel really rubbish, call in sick and watch tv in bed with hot water bottles! You're better off taking a break (if you can) than pushing yourself to a point where you need junk to cope. Do try the raw brownie either way. I am obsessed. They are satisfying and filling and make you feel healthy instead of bloated and ultimately worse the way sugar does.

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