New Here and Scared to WI

  • Hey. I've been here before. A while back before I lost my computer, all where so nice to me, I hope I have that welcome again. I have to Weigh In tonight and I'm so worried. I know if I had of done better this week I wouldnt have these fears, what I'm wondering is, should I skip WI tonight and try harder next week.
  • Hi there!

    I'm new too, but used to post here a long time ago. Yeah, it's scary when you've had a bad week and don't want to WI. It's like the number on the scale right now represents achievement, and if it changes for worse, you have to give up something.

    For me personally, if I don't WI after a bad week, that week turns to two weeks, then a month, then I've gained it all back. That's what happened to me four years ago after coming here and losing all the weight! So I'm dedicated to WI from now on no matter what -- I know that if I skip a week, I'll go back to eating badly. Tomorrow is actually my first WI since starting back, and today I've had a lot of salty junk food, so I might even be higher than my estimated starting weight. But I'm going to WI anyway, to be accountable, rather than pretend it didn't happen.

    So it's up to you... if you don't WI this week, will you be likely to skip next week too? If so you should WI to keep yourself on track! Or, if you just had a few bad days recently, you could eat lightly for a few days and drink lots of water, and weigh in in the middle of the week. That might make you feel better, like you have more control and like you didn't give up everything just in one week.

    Well, whatever you decide, I hope you feel better!

  • Welcome back Araydia and Aquareggie!

    I went through the same thing today Araydia. I was sick on Monday night and could not go to my WW meeting. I have had a bad week of either eating because of stress or not eating from not feeling hungry due to stress. I thought " Ah to heck with it- I will weigh in next week!"

    But then I thought if I do that then I'll end up giving myself permission to eat whatever I want until Monday and probably gain even more by not being accountable. So I faced the music and went to a meeting at another location during my lunch hour today and guess what? I only gained 1 lb! I can deal with that and I feel much better that I didn't skip a week.

    I agree with Aquareggie...If you skip one then usually get lax about your attending the next- you may as well bite the bullet and go- then you will know and give yourself incentive to work harder to lose before the next weigh in
  • Definitely go an weigh-in. You can always ask the leader not to tell you your weight - but I bet you won't! Skipping one meeting leads to skipping the next and the next........
    I'm sure it's not as bad as you think. And if it is? Who cares? We don't go around with our weights tattooed on our foreheads.
  • Crap, I knew there was a reason people looked at my forehead funny. No one else is doing this?

    Weigh-in! You'll quit if you don't. Take responsibility for your actions and wear the number like a badge. Ok, but not really. Most of the time when I weigh in, it's not as bad as I predicted and I breathe a sigh of relief.
  • Thanks for the encouragement gals! I did go to WI, and I was down 2lbs!! I couldnt believe it. Thank you all the for the warm welcome!
  • Way to go Aradia! See it wasn't as bad as you thought and you were pleasantly surprised!
  • Welcome Aradia! And congrats on the loss!
  • See?
    Told you so!
  • Yahoo!!!
  • I'm pretty proud of you both! I hate to weigh in...hate it, hate it hate it, but it is what brought us to this place and is what will keep us on track...oh, how I hate those damn numbers. But you conquored your fear and were suprised! I guess we all need to think of this as a life long (gulp) way of living, like wouldn't tell someone to not check their blood daily, or quit when they hit the 'normal' number. We are all in this same boat (along with most of the other folks in north america) together.
    keep on, keepin' on! (sorry VH1 I love the 70's is having an effect)