Weekly weigh in!

  • Good Morning everyone

    I weighed myself this morning and it looks like I am at 164 lbs which means I have stayed the same but I guess it's better than gaining

    I am going to WW tonight so I'll see what their scale says
  • Well...
    I'm still struggling half-*** with the the South Beach Diet and really not doing so well. Not that I'm pigging out or anything, but it is just really difficult for me not to have whole grain bread etc. Anyway, I am down another half pound. My mom and dad and sister are on the SBD, and they have all lost five pounds in the first week. That is so great! My mom and sister have struggled with their weight for so long, and they are a lot heavier than me. Hope everyone else is finding success!

  • SAME!! Would have lost, but had a "lost weekend."
  • Ok,
    I admit I am a little obsessive... just weighed myself again and this time I am at 172... so I'm going with one pound lost!


  • I am going with 25lbs gained! I am at 210 and back on track.

    Miss Chris
  • HEY MISS CHRIS!!!! How are you feeling?
  • Hi Chris, how are you doing? Glad to see you back & hope you are feeling a bit better every day...

    I have had a lot of different reads on the scale but will go with the scale at the doctor's today, 146/7 with 3 lbs of clothes and running shoes, so back to 143/4.

  • I am feeling okay. Working out today was a little um light headed, but I will make it through work tonight. (I hope nothing happens!)

    Miss Chris
  • Crepe.... I am at 166lbs at WW so I have gained 2 lbs
  • 187...only down 1. feeling like a plateau coming on.