New Tattoo...

  • Got a new tattoo this week...the pic isn't the greatest because my digital camera sucks...but basically, since I bellydance I wanted a tat with an Egyptian is a tribal sun, the Eye of Ra, and a pyramid behind it.
    Check out the pic at the Doin' it the Old Fashioned Way thread under the General Diet Plans section of the 3FC forum. It should be on one of the last pages.

    thats the link. I like it, of what I can see with a blurry picture!
  • That's great Aphil!!!
  • very beautiful!!! I love Egyptian stuff, especially bellydance (as opposed to arabic). My bedroom is done in reds and golds and Egyptian stuff.

    Get a better camera!
  • Tres chic, aphil! Where is it....your lower back?
  • Yes-hold on a sec- Atkins pop up ads-there, now I can type again...yes, it is on my lower back. I have a chest and a thigh tattoo already, and a TINY Woodstock (bird from Peanuts) tattoo on my belly...I am getting ready to get that one covered up-it was a pre-baby tattoo, and now he has a little stretch mark through him. I am going to get it covered in something for my children to signify that.
    Yes, I really need a better camera-the color in my camera is really good-what you saw in the picture was true to life as far as color-but close-ups are blurry as ****. It actually has really sharp lines-he did a good job.
  • Great tattoo Aphil!

    I always like seeing a tattoo that someone has put some thought into and that has some significance and meaning for that person.

    I hate when people get tatoos "just because" and just pick the usual flash stuff or something silly or cheap looking because they didn't really think about what they were doing at the time.

    To me tattoos are a form of art and self expression and should be treated as such.
  • Great faery tattoos...
    I've finally picked out my tattoo... since I'm not at all artistic I had to use someone else's artwork. Go check out for hundreds of amazing faeriies and some dragons etc. Here is the image I am going to have tattooed on my lower back:

    Isn't she gorgeous?
  • Really pretty...
  • Like your tat Aphil. I like Egyptian stuff too, hugely interested in the progression of ancient relgions.

    For some reason I always thought if I got a tattoo I would want Aeon Flux. Remember her?

    Miss Chris
  • (laughing...) yes, I do!
  • I used to watch Aeon Flux and the Maxx all the time.

    Sojourner - I love Amy Brown's stuff! Our local pagan shop carries a lot of her stuff. I particularly like the Wild Thing girl with the knee high striped socks... of course, that's probably because I own those socks!