Where the Heck is this week's Weigh In Thread??

  • Gained 2 lbs this week, going on vacation tomorrow for a week, and will do my utmost not to gain to many more.

    How come we go from ultramotivated to couldn't care less in the space of 48 hours???
  • More like 5 effin' MINUTES, Karen!

    Have a wonderful vacation! Are you going anywhere, or relaxing at home (the BEST holiday!)
  • Oh... by the way... I'm the same this week... 177...
  • You're right about the 5 minutes!! Off to bask in the sun at a lakefront condo in Kelowna for a week, then will hang out in my back yard for another week before the dreaded "back to work" thing.
  • Have fun Karen!!!
  • i'm not sure if it is a lack of motivation of just needing someone to take the lead. Anyway, I'm at 188, that was 4.something for the week.
  • CONGRATULATIONS GINYA!!!!! DAMN! You have almost lost 100 pounds!! YOU ARE DOING GREAT!!!!!
  • I'm new around here, but I started my lifestyle change (I refuse to call it a diet, because I'll just quit) last Friday, on August 1st. My weigh in this morning has shown a 6 pound loss. Its all so exciting for me

    SW: 220 (8/1/03)
    CW: 214 (8/8/03)
    1st Goal Weight: 210 (by 9/1/03)
    GW: 140 (by 8/1/04)

    btw, I'm 19 and 5'4"
  • HEY HEIDI!!!! WELCOME!!! You are off to a GREAT start, so keep it up, and post as often as you can!!!