interesting show on discovery that i watched...

  • I watched an interesting show on discovery about people in america being fat, and what different people are doing about it. They showed the different studies and theories on why people are fat now, when they weren't before and how genes does make a difference but is not an excuse. It was very interesting. Actually got hubby and I talking about it and debating.

    They made a lot of good points I hadn't thought of before. Makes me think that "the caveman diet" holds a little bit of merit... and I feel like i learned a lot. I dunno. Anyway, the link doesn't tell much about it, but...

    Basically what I got out of it was a few scientists explaining that since the 60's we have only increased our caloric intake by about 200-400 calories per day. Not enough of a difference. However, our activity has gone down, i don't recall what percentage but i think it was in the 30's to 40's percent.
    Also, that the people who blame it on genes aren't blaming them for the right reasons, and that genes to come to play because as cavemen you had to be able to put on a lot of fat to keep you through the winter,but the activity and hard work would burn it away, along with starvation during the cold months.
    So, when you are starving your body, it thinks it needs to hold on to as much fat as it can, which is why people who diet frequently gain weight or lose it then gain it right back. Body goes into survival mode.
    Also that some bodies ARE predispositioned to be overweight, but that doesn't mean that you will be. Same as having alcoholism run in the family, just because it does doesn't mean YOU have to be one. You have control over it.

    Anyway, it was just interesting and i thought someone might like to catch it if it's on again. Any opinions on their theories?
  • I saw a thing on TV not long ago about a study done at in the early 70's...secretaries gained weight when they switched from manual to electric typewriters! Just that tiny bit less physical effor made a difference. We're a lot more sedentary today than we used to be.
  • Lizzi, it's so true. My daughter was complaining the other day because she has to spend too much time with her little brother. Other than the occasional chore, we don't have her do anything around the house (I think mostly because I can't stand listening to the kids complaining... ), but she DOES spend an hour or two a day entertaining or just "babysitting" him.
    I sat her down, and went through the list of things my sister and I had to do as kids. Dishes, vacuuming, making our lunches, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, stacking wood, gardening, feeding chickens, cutting up damned vegetables for freezing...
    And we ate friend food! But we were slim!
    Our kids are slim, but we have to force them to do things like coming to the Y with us, etc.
    Right now I would KILL for a woodpile to help me lose some of this fat!
  • Yeah, I just read how women in the 50s ate a bit less than women now - about 1800 cals a day, and BURNED 1500 from housework, and how housework is better than the gym. That is a lot to burn every day. And I think they drove less and walked more.

    I have some dress patterns from the 50s and early 60s and the size 10 is several inches smaller than an average size 10 now - so maybe people really were thinner from the housework and walking (and smaller portions - and less junky treat food)