Just gotta vent!

  • I am here at work ready to shout, “You don’t know what FAT is you skinny *****es!!!”

    There are several women in my office who are extremely thin and just freak out if they gain a pound! This really, really makes me angry. Here I am trying my best to lose 100 pounds and they’re crying over gaining a pound!

    Please let me know I’m not alone in my anger.

    Thanks a bunch!
  • Yes Skindeep! I also can't stand it when Ally McBeal size women turn around and ask you if they look fat while smoothing their washboard stomach with their hands and glancing in the mirror or asking you if their butt looks big in this outfit! GRRRRR!!!!
  • I hear ya, Skindeep. My best friend is a RAKE, and she complains everytime she puts on an ounce. But vengence is mine... she's pregnant with her second child, and hasn't completely lost the weight from the first (you know... that NAGGING 5 pounds ). She's eating like a pig, and I'm secretly hoping that she blows up.
  • Oh, yeah! I had a close friend who would whine to me about putting on 3 lbs (where, exactly? she weighed about 125). And she would ALSO complain about LOSING weight from stress (I'm only 118 now!), like I really wanted to know. Like at 180 I was gonna sympathize! Made me sick. And very crabby! But of course I never let on (just yelled at my poor little toddlers)

  • Yes....
    I can totally relate to this. My best friend is thin with this cute little body... maybe 110 pounds at her heaviest weight. She also loves to be the center of attention and is very, very spunky. I love her to death BUT she makes me crazy the way she obsesses over her weight and looks. She just had twins a year ago and has had trouble losing the last ten or fifteen pounds (so she is maybe 125 at 5'3"). She is always complaining about her "big booty" and that she is so fat. She actually stopped taking her anti-depressant medication because she thought it was keeping her from being waif thin. And without her meds she gets a little crazy. It kills me that she would rather be unstable, unhappy, and thin than normal size and happy. She is a hair stylist and works in very high-end salons... so there is a lot of pressure there to look perfect. But yeah, I just want to slap her sometimes.
  • I really hate these people too. And I have been around more than too many of them. I have a very young sis in law - high school age - who has said some very cruel things to me...

    My response to skinny women *****ing about their fatness is this:

    " Look, when you have to come borrow my clothes, then you can complain. Until then shut the f up!"

    Yeah, I'm a real peach, huh?
  • Good one, Lizzi.
    I wonder if I dare say that to my friend. We were the same skinny size in college, but now...
    "I'm sorry you've gained 5 pounds. Would you like to borrow some of my size 18's?" snort.
  • its all this passive/ agressive bull shi** that I can't deal with. Looking at you and saying 'do I look fat?' translates into 'I will control my body unlike other people around here'. I use to work with a woman like that, we use to wait till she was feeling especially foxy, (a new outfit, maybe a skirt a bit too short) and ask "are you ok, you don't look well, you look puffy and blowted...maybe you should watch the salt..." etc It was a small revenge, but well worth the reaction.

    another woman I know, with MS would not take her meds because they caused you to gain weight, they were steriods for the mucsles...I saw her the other day, 80 pounds, no muscles, in a chair...yeah boy, she sure is skinny now...
  • I once was talking to a group of people, about guys buyiong their girlfriends/wives Christmas presents. We were talking about a guy's general lack of ability when it comes to picking out good clothes. One of the girls piped up that her boyfriend had got her something in a size 10 - the wrong size, and she said that it was "HUGE". I of course, as nicely as possible ripped into her. She tried to apologized, but just dug herself deeper. When she complains about needing to lose weight, I tell her I don't want to hear it, and when she hits a size 16, then we can talk.
  • YUP!!! DISGUSTING!!! My inlaws are thin-fanatics, and it is a bit hard to deal with that. I have gotten so huge though that now they are afraid to say ANYTHING!! (Right reaction, wrong reason!!!)
  • My sis-in-law is a tiny little preppy girl - you know, the kind that used to pick on you in highschool because they were a cheerleader and you were a goth trouble maker? Well, anyway, she tends to do stuff like ...

    "Don't you think you've had ENOUGH of that"
    she'll find the absolute hugest size possible and then say "Jesiz, I don't even think THESE will fit you!"
    or my all time favorite
    "Gee, I feel so sorry for fat people. Look at her, how disgusting"

    There was a point when I told hubby she wasn't allowed in our house again until she got a new personality. She's a little bit better about it now, but... i'm still pissed. *L*
    Her mom, sis, and my are overweight. plus my hubby. and most of his other relatives. i think she's worried she'll gain weight too. and I can't help thinking in the back of my mind, I hope she does so she can feel the misery too. I know that's a terrible thing to say. But, well... I never said I was a saint. *L*
  • oh. and another one that gets to them and makes them feel like as$es is to say "You really think you're fat? Well then what do you think about me?"

    and they have nothing they can say to get out of this and they feel really bad, and deserve it.

    Yay, I'm mean. Mean and fat. Watch out.
  • I am just so overwhelmed with the responses I've received to my vent. I've laughed and cried and would just love to give each of you a hug.

    Another online friend of mine had this response "...if they want something to complain about ... they can adopt my *** for a day." I just about fell off my chair laughing at that one.

    Thank you so much for understanding. I knew I found the right place when I discovered this group.

    Oh, I think the top I'm wearing today is a bit looser. Perhaps I've lost some weight. I'm sure trying.

  • My favorite is when the skinney girl in the office complains and complains about her weight and when you I say something to the effect of, "Sweetie, please don't talk like that in front of the fat girl." She says in the same breath, "You're not fat!"

    Oh but she is... in her size 0 abracrombie's. Grrrrr.....
  • My lovely in laws, who really are nice people, ask DH's weight every time we go over to England - why do they do this? He doesn't mind, but it is always the bl**dy same, like 136 or 140, and it is obviously that he is thin. And I HATE it because you know, I just do not want to talk about anybody's WEIGHT. My dad asked me about 6 months ago what mine was and I didn't tell him - why does he want to know! What business is it of his! I am 40 years old, go AWAY! Or else I will have to kill you! (Just kidding...hahahahaha)