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Goddess Jessica 07-21-2003 02:40 PM

Alternachick Chat, Week of July 21st
Sorry chicas, I had to start a new thread! There were just too many frickin pages!

Goddess Jessica 07-21-2003 02:56 PM

So, I'm sad that Mauv did not come mto San Diego for the Comic-Con Covention this past weekend. I would have been happy to host her!!!

I am leaving to go back home to Cincy on Wednesday for a whole week. I'm excited because I haven't seen my family for a year and a half but there is also the fact that there are REASONS I haven't seen them for a year and a half. They drive me CRAZY. My mother and step-mother are constantly fighting over who I spent more time with and playing the "passive-agressive guilt game." So, my goal for this week is going to be: Do not drown your family. I think it's a good goal.

ellis 07-21-2003 05:28 PM

Good idea, Jessica... :yes:

Uh huh... families are wacky, aren't they. Ever since I was a child, every time my Mother bends over in front of me I think about plundging a knife into her back. :lol: Not that I'd really do it, but I DO visualize it.

Lidian 07-22-2003 11:42 AM

Yeah, I can only stand to see my father once a year and even then I can only stand about a day and a half or so. Well really, only about 5 minutes, but we have to stay a day and a half as it is two days to get there and two days back.



TonyaS 07-22-2003 12:48 PM

Hi ladies! I am sorta new, I usually post in the Support forums, but yesterday I ventured over out of curiosity, and you seem like a fun bunch :) I posted a bio in the bio section yesterday. I have been using 3FC for recipes and fast food guide for a year now, but just joined the forum this month, haha. Anyhow, I lost my weight doing weight watchers, and now I am just trying to prove myself wrong about being able to be high school weight, so far this is the hardest loss I have encountered in the whole journey :P Why can't I just do it?! anyways, so I have recently tried some new stuff, fitday.com, and I bought some "one a day" weight loss vitamins yesterday, to see if they control my hunger a little, since I am ALWAYS hungry, and it's a struggle every single day not to pig out!

squeaker 07-22-2003 10:29 PM

Family is a funny thing. I really really do like 99% of the ones I see. I just can only take them for short bursts. It is just not living with anyone for 2 years, other people around can be tough to take. :shrug:

Welcome Tonya! :wave:

Try and have fun Jessica!!

ellis 07-23-2003 07:55 AM

Jessica, you're leaving today! No wait... this is Tuesday... you're leaving tomorrow. I hope you have a wonderful visit, sweetie. Don't get stressed... it's only family. Just laugh at them and remember that you have a home to go to at the end of the week. ;)

Lidian 07-23-2003 10:50 AM

Have a safe trip Jessica & remember, it's temporary!:)


dentrassi 07-23-2003 11:15 AM

YUP!! Don't do any permanent damage, and try to have fun!!!

ellis 07-23-2003 11:36 AM

Oh my goodness... it IS Wednesday! :rolleyes:

squeaker 07-23-2003 08:09 PM

Ellis - I forgot to tell you - love the new avatar.

HI Den, Ruth, Jessica, Lindian, Soozie, and the rest of the Alternachicks! :wave:

dentrassi 07-23-2003 08:16 PM

HI SQUEAK!!!!!!!!

ellis 07-23-2003 10:09 PM

Thanks, Squeak! :) It's Sparks Street in Ottawa.

Lidian 07-24-2003 10:24 AM

Hi Squeak, Ellis, Den, and all Alternachicks!


ellis 07-24-2003 10:50 AM

Good morning Lidian! :wave:
Good morning, all!!

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