Alternachick Chat, Week of July 21st

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  • Hello
    I'm back after 2 months of not posting. It's good to see all the names I remember and some new people. Hello to everyone! I see everyone is still working hard at weight loss. What is the Phase I thing? Just curious. I have been working too many hours at a greeenhouse and making too many excuses and I've gotton all doughy.

    Squeaker: what an awful day, I'm so sorry

    To all: I certainly hope to be here more often.


  • Sandi, welcome back... we missed you, hon!

    Phase 1 is secret language for "a weight loss program that actually works". See us over on the South Beach board. (even Ruth is on it. Even Den is on it. Even I'm on it!)
  • Ok ok Ruth said she will "go West" which is what made me think of the cowboy-type west.

    Thank you for the wonderful wishes/thoughts Ellis, Lidian & Sandi! I am trying to look at it positively. I wasn't in my room, which would have really freaked me out. My car was behind the house also, and they didn't hit that. It is the first time something like that has happened around here, so it was just surprising. I have decided to try and complain less about things too. Some of the work stuff is partially my fault for not asserting myself when I should have. And for the rest of the people who are not being helpful, their karma will catch up with them. I need to de-stress, so no more complaining about what I can't control either.

    Welcome back Sandi! The South Beach Diet is working very well for everyone. I thought about it, but I like my Carbs too much.

    I think we are all grumpy, anti-social loners. It must be why we get along so well.

    On a side note - if any of you Alternachicks get the Bravo channel, check out "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy". It is a make over/home interior type show. It is great. 5 gay guys help out 1 straight guy. I have watched a few episodes, and love it. One they helped a guy ask his girlfriend to move in, another show a different guy asked his gf to marry him. It is well done, and the guys are silly. Very amusing distraction.
  • Thanks for the info Squeak! We are getting that show in August or September up here in Canada.

    Sorry to hear about your window -that must have given you a fright!

    My trip was great! A lot of hard work though as it was very busy

    I got to meet John Rhys-Davies and Sean Astin from Lord of the Rings - both very sweet and charming gentlemen. I also got to meet Ray Park who played Toad in the x-men and Darth Maul in Episode I- very hot guy with a cute Scottish accent -also very charming he is from the same city in Scotland as my dad!

    At night we just hung out with friends and went to dinner although we did have Tuesday free and went to the zoo- lot's of fun! Tough to come back to work and get back into the old routine....guess I will have to keep buying those lottery tickets so I can be independently wealthy and travel whenever I want to
  • Mauvais-Sounds like your trip was GREAT!!!!! I'm with you on being independently wealthy.....I'd like to travel more too!!!

    Squeak-Hope things are getting better for you!!!

    Ellis-Surgical masks?!? I DON' NEED NO STINKIN' SURGICAL MASKS!!!!!!!!!
    (I need a fifth of scotch!!!)

    Sandi-WELCOME BACK!!!!!! Yup! some of us have gone on South Beach Diet.
    It seems to be working really well!! I am looking at this as a life-style change. This is the first time that I have been able to stick to a program (REASONABLY so at least!!) in a LONG time.

    Lidian-IN OTHER WORDS......YOU ARE AN ALTERNACHICK!!!! (Does that translate as grumpy?)
  • Thanks Mauvais. It made me a little freaked.

    Ok the rest of us may be anti-social but you are hanging out with movie stars! Your trip sound great! I am glad you had a wonderful time!

    My day is going better Den. Hope DS is feeling better, and you are still feeling ok.

    Hello Ellis! and Ruth! and Sandi! and Lidian! and the rest of the chicks!
  • Yeah, well, while I was away someone in my building got stabbed- only in the leg, nothing fatal- thank goodness! The police are saying it was not a random act and from the sounds of things it was personal...I'm still a bit freaked though....nothing like that has happened this close to where I live for the whole 15 years I have been living in this area
  • I'll trade your personal attack for the drug drop I saw in front of my house the other day.
    What exciting lives we live.
  • Sheesh! Nothing that exciting happens in Delta. We did have a tarring and feathering in the 1930's but nothing since.
  • Ruth-HAHAHAHA!!!

    WOW! we just have bike thefts here!! Actually IN Royal Oak stuff "happens" sometimes, but we have been lucky here so far.....except for the bike theft (GRR!!!)

    Squeak-Thanks sweetie!! I'm still healthy, but I think DS may be working up to one of his "fabulous" sinus infections.
  • Hi everyone and welcome back Sandi!

    Another day of swimming lessons first thing in the morning followed by various activities under the catagory of hanging around the house...I prefer to goof around in the morning and go out swimming or whatever in the afternoon (being not a morning person but an old night owl) but they don't DO swim lessons in the afternoon here. At least the lessons are at 10 not 9, or else I really WOULD be growling and snapping instead of the gentle *****ing I usually do!

  • Hey I just found out that Bif Naked is playing here at a free concert in August -maybe I'll check it out!

    Hope you are feeling better Den (and DH too)!

    Welcome back Sandi!
  • Did you miss me???

    Cincinnati was crazy. My family is crazy. My friends are great. And there was absolutely no homicide-- mission accomplished!

    I did, however, gain 7 pounds! Ack! But it was worth it. Bailey's Cheesecake, cincy chili and some awesome lamb. Yum yum yum.
  • Welcome back Jessica- glad to hear you had a good time
  • Welcome back, Jessica! Come on and get that 7 pounds + back off!!