Alternachick Chat, Week of July 14th

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  • Quick good morning as Lucy and I are off to Advanced Obedience. I'm not sure if it's for me or for her. I suggested Harry attend but he just ignored me and told me he is going to bottle wine!

    I love the Highland Games! Is it still the August long weekend? I also read about the curent season at Stratford and want to go! Then there is the Oompah Stomp and Wayne Rostad and Jimmy Flynn at Delta Fair. Be still my heart!

    Have a good TGIF!
  • I love the huge log throwing thing, I forgot what it is actually called...

    Lidian - I am glad you had a good time.

    Well, it was a good week, though a little annoying at times. A little too much togetherness even if we did have 2 cars and 2 hotel rooms.

    We went on a bus tour on Monday that stopped at Central Park, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Ellis Island & the Statue of Liberty, Rockefellar Center, & Grand Central Station.

    Spent the other 2 days exploring Times Square, Broadway, 5th Avenue, Central Park, FAO Scwartz - Toys R Us in Times Square is much cooler, the Empire State building, Southside Seaport, the UN, and a whole lot of other stuff.

    I missed Chinatown, Little Italy, Soho and the Financial District. Next time.

    Now just trying to unpack and relax.

    Have a wonderful day chickies!!!
  • Kaber toss!! (Don't know if I spelled that correctly!!)
    Sounds like you had a good time! Glad to hear it. I agree with you though, a little togetherness goes a LONG way!! That old saying about fish and houseguests applies to traveling too!!!
  • Thats it! I couldn't for the life of me remeber what it is called.

    It was great fun Den. Your DS and I will have to trade stories sometime. While I got to go into the UN building, we couldn't go on the tour since we had the baby with us.
  • Squeaker, I'm glad you had a good trip - and I know EXACTLY what you mean about a little togetherness! The only time I had a moment to myself was if I didn't have to go the the washroom at the same time as one or other of the DDs. And the only time DH and I had together alone was going to run boring errands two times (in 2 weeks) and we hardly spoke to each other - too hot for one thing - except stuff like "mind the nettles" and "it certainly is HOT"

    Welcome home!

  • Welcome home Squeak and Lidian! We missed you!!
    What wonderful trips you had you lucky girls!!

    Squeak, you did all the stuff that I did ummmm, 19 years ago.
    What a hoot NYC is, isn't it. Yeah, get to Chinatown next time. It's amazing. Was that your sister and her baby that you were with?

    Lidian, I hope you're enjoying some "alone time" now that you're back. Trips like that are wonderful, but they certainly make you appreciate your own home and life-style, don't they.

    Den, are you suggesting that we smear Marmite on our skin to darken it? Because it's actually not a bad idea...

    The Highland Games!! Maxville? We keep meaning to go and never get around to it...

    Going to work on the upstairs apartment.
    Later darlings...

  • Ellis - I went with both of my sisters (16 & 23), nephew (11 months) and mom. My mom had been there before, and sis#1 had been there for a day before. The other thing I must do next time is the museums and library. I am a geek. My big thing was Strawberry Fields in Central Park, and the UN even if we didn't get to go on the tour. I really wanted to see the NY Stock Exchange, but it hasn't reopened to tourists yet.
    Good luck with getting that apartment ready.

    Lidian - I loved my 2 hours of alone time I took. The rest of the fam went to Yankee Stadium, I went to Central Park. It was wonderful I hope you get some much needed time, now you are home.
  • Glad you both had great trips Lidian and Squeak!

    Speaking of travelling....

    I am going to Indiannapolis next week so I will be AWOL from the boards for a while.

    Can't wait for the break from work
  • WOW!! Lots of traveling goimg om here.....NEAT!!!

    Mauvais-Why are you going to Indianapolis? Convention or something else?

    Squeak-WOW!! DS didn't get to see Strawberry Fields. He is going to be Jealous!! He won't admit it though. He is being an adolescent stinker right now!!! We are all Beatle fanatics here, AND Lennon fans. It is great that you got to see that.

    Lidian-Sounds like you are GLAD to be back!! I can relate. Love travelling/visiting; love coming HOME!!!!

    Ellis-YUP!! It stops the burns, and also gives you a take along convenient snack!!!
  • I was NOT leaving NY without seeing Strawberry Fields. I went twice. Once on the tour, once by myself. I bought purple roses from a store on my way and left them on the Imagine mosaic. It really was an incredible experience.

    Have fun Mauvais! We promise to behave while you are gone.
  • Betcha a million bucks that Mauvais is going to a gaming convention.

    Strawberry fields!? Was that there 19 years ago?
  • I bet Ellis is right.

    Strawberry Fields was "opened" in October of 1985. It is a small section of Central Park that now is a memorial for John Lennon.Strawberry Fields
  • Ah. I missed it by a year.
    I remember when I first heard that John had been killed. I'd just woken up and was listening to the news in bed before getting ready for high school. I sat bolt upright in bed when I heard...
  • I wish I would have been a little older so I could have seen him play.
  • Yeah, I am going to a gaming convention