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  • I can't wait until Friday- we are going to see "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" starring Antonio Banderas and Johnny Depp - double the eye candy I loved the previous 2 movies in the trilogy - El Mariachi and Desperado.
  • Anything with Johnny Depp in it is something on my list!!

    I saw Thirteen last weekend with Holly Hunter....very depressing, but excellent movie, Holly Hunter should get a nomination for this one!
  • Johnny Depp.....YUM! have loved him since 21 jump street.
  • "If you like that movie, you should see the Virgin suicides, Igby goes down, and the dangerous live of the altar boys. "

    I LOVED all those movies! I really enjoy watching Kieran Culkin - I find him to be amazing. I don't know why. Same with Jake Gyllenhaal. Just great actors, both of them. I had to rent everything I could find that they were both in.

    I am having a hard time finding anything new to watch - or rather, new to me. We've been watching some interesting Series on DVD - like the BBC's Darling Buds of May and HBO's 6 feet under.

    oops - gonna be late for work. anyway, any suggestions of anything along those same lines, ctagmire?
  • It is a television series, but it is one of the most innovative on the air right now. Rent the series "24" with Kiefer Sutherland. I cannot watch the series week by week, I get too stressed out, I can't wait an entire season, so I want until September and rent the DVD's so that I can watch them consecutively--plus no commercials. If your not familiar with it, it is filmed in "real time" which means that it is 24 episodes and takes place over the span of one day or 24 hours.

    It just came out on DVD on the 9th.
  • Quick question for the movie buffs -

    Any thoughts on the new Batman movie. Christian Bale (American Psycho) as Batman and Christopher Nolan (Memento) directing.

    I am thrilled. I think it has the potential to bring the series back to the Tim Burton/Micheal Keaton level.
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by squeaker
    Quick question for the movie buffs -

    Any thoughts on the new Batman movie. Christian Bale (American Psycho) as Batman and Christopher Nolan (Memento) directing.

    I am thrilled. I think it has the potential to bring the series back to the Tim Burton/Micheal Keaton level.
  • Yeah Squeaker, I read about that this morning. I think Christian Bale is an excellent choice! He is a really good actor- he has a lot of intensity coupled with a lighter side that makes him a most likable villain. I think he will be great as the heroic but troubled Dark Knight. He was great in American Psycho, Equilibrium, Shaft and Velvet Goldmine.

    I totally hated the last couple of Batman movies so much so that I would not pay to see them and had the misfortune to be at someone else's house and forced to watch them.

    Worst casting ever - Uma Thurma and Aaaahnold in Batman and I could have lived without Robin and Batgirl too! I notice that the more characters they have in the films the worse the plot - it seems that the stories go in too many directions. It worked better in the first one where there was one bad guy + one good guy + one screaming and completely useless love interest bimbo= not too bad a film IMHO
    Although I wasn't that enamored of Michael Keaton in the role.

    I actually will pay to go see this one if Christian Bale is in it and it it is directed by someone other than Joel Shumacher.

  • let's not forget Danny Devito as "The Penguin"
  • Yeah, that was bad too.
  • Rowan-LOVE 24!!!!
  • Christian Bale is an awesome choice, he is dark with a quiet manner. The only thing I ever miss is the Michael Keaton dry humor, the quirky smile. I think I have become a Batman snob. I tried to watch the old campy TV version the other day and I am like, WHY ARE THEY RUNNING AROUND IN DAYLIGHT? WHY IS THE FASTER WAY TO RUN? and they really look like the ambiguously gay duo. Back to the comics kids.

    Miss Chris
  • Lizziness, did you see GhostWorld? It was a sort of dark humor comic book movie also. I don't think I would have liked it if it weren't for Steve Buscemi. Kinda depressing!

    I saw Dickie Roberts last weekend. My son HOWLED through the whole thing. He loved it, but it was a little too much for a kid his age! That is, of course, why he loved it! I didn't laugh a lot...but the end with the real child stars was worth the price of a matinee admission! At least for somebody my age (35).

    Haven't been to an R Rated movie in a while...have to get a babysitter for Cody first. As soon as we get one, I'll go see Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

    SWAT was ok....A gratuitous sex scene with Michelle Rodriguez and Colin Farrel would have been appreciated, however!

    I saw POC twice, loved it as much the second time. Whew....

    Saw Freaky Friday with my son, which was fun, because I saw the original as a girl with my mom. The new one didn't have the girl as quite a slob as Jodie Foster played in the first one. I remember she had dirty feet in the first one. Very strange that I remember that!

    There are a LOT of movies coming up that I want to see. We see about anything PC and PG-13 (the son), and we usually rent R movies for home. But I don't watch anything scary. That is when my husband and sister get Date Night!
  • My list of "to sees":

    One Upon a Time in Mexico
    Cabin Fever

    Jen - I remember the original Freaky Friday too! Isn't this the 3rd version of it?
  • I'm anxious to see Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Love anything with Depp. I want to go to Blockbuster and have a Depp-a-thon soon

    Batman.. I have a hard time envisioning Christian Bale as Batman. I thought his role in Empire of the Sun (as a kid) was incredible! What an actor! But then as an adult, he turned me off a bit by starring in the WORST movie in history, Velvet Goldmine! He's ok, but he still needs to redeem himself, lol.