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  • Oh good, Tallara....I thought maybe I'd stepped on your toes, coming from the opposite side of the gaming world. Glad that's not so.
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    Originally posted by Wildfire
    He had to join a Guild and schedule Raids (THREE NIGHTS A WEEK!!!)with 50-100 other people to kill beasties and get cool armor and stuff.
    Heh... the guild I was in raided every single night of the week, multiple raids on weekends (and weeknights, if there was stuff to kill). I played for about four years before burning out... a person can only play until 3-4 in the morning and get up for work at 6:30 for so long. We had MANY weekends of coming home from work on Friday and playing through Sunday night with only 4-5 hours of sleep. I had a few bad experiences with virtual friends taking relationships too seriously - and eventually left because I think I took one too seriously and it freaked me out.

    I played DAOC for awhile... my guild went in and took over completely, then they got bored and we all went back to EQ, hehe. Played Anarchy Online, Earth & Beyond, Shadowbane and Asheron's Call a little, too.

    Holy cow, I'm a geek. I actually just came from my old guild's website... haven't checked on them in months! /Sigh... now they're trying to get me to come back when World of Warcraft comes out! My addictive personality is perfect for online-gaming, however, EQ is directly responsible for my gaining 40 pounds and developing a pack-a-day cigarette habit (which I quit, BTW - woohoo!). Now if I could only shed the weight... oh well!