Yay!!! I just joined a cool health club!

  • It has everything...a track, pool, basketball courts, racketball courts, pilates, weights. every cardio machine you could want. I am so psyched! If I can't lose weight there, I am seriously screwed. No, but really it is so cool. I am really excited. You get a free t-shirt when you join, and they have everything, including massage therapy, and a tread wall, so you can mountain climb right there in the club. I am already walking 2 miles a day, and I just need to get some variety, and add some stretching and weight training. It is going to be so sweet!
  • WhooHoooo! Good for you!
  • It sounds fantastic Velvet! I am really happy for you! You deserve it all...

  • Way to go Velvet!
  • Thanks! I am going to work my way up to actually running! That is a big goal, but I will do it!
  • Sounds awesome, Velvet!

    Today I decided to go back to my gym - thought I'd lift some weight and whatnot. Well - the freakin' place CLOSED. I call the phone number - disconnected. I call the other location in the city - disconnected. I joined in February - went for a couple months and then quit going (for about 2.5 months) because of some medical problems... and now they're gone without a trace... along with my $500!

    Oh well. Live & learn, eh? Hope your gym is better, LOL.