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  • Just say, "NO!", Lizzie! It's YOUR day!!
    When is your birthday?

    We own a house in Centretown, and while most of the time things are good, there's always SOMETHING that irks me. Like yesterday... DH and I were sitting on the verandah and a car pulled up in front of our house. Another guy came down the street, got in the car, and did a drug deal!! aaaaaaaaaargh!!! DH and I got up and walked towards them and scared them off, but it really ticked us off. We were getting a little complacent, I think. Hadn't seen a drug drop in about 2 years, and we were starting to relax.

    We're looking for a really quiet tenant for our apartment. Anyone? 2 bedrooms, hardwood floors... Preferably a librarian-type. A deaf librarian. With no friends. And no pets. Naturally, a non-smoker.
  • I agree with Ellis! It IS YOUR birthday! I wouldn't want to spend mine with my MIL and I actually really like her...Maybe you could say to her, let's go out another day and pick a day, or just say you have other plans, which you do. "We are all booked up then" is another one of my favourite all-purpose excuses. Only some people are rude enough to say, oh yeah, like what do you have booked up and I go umm umm ummm errrrr, which doesn't sound convincing, does it?

  • Lizzie - It is your birthday, do whatever you want to do. If your MIL wants to spend time with you, tell her you will spend her birthday with her.

    Ellis - If I ever move up your way, I'll take the aprtment
  • Bravo to you all. You sound pretty happy for a b***h list!
  • I would love to move in Ellis...unfortunately we stay up late, have friends over all the time and come rolling in at 4 a.m. whenever DH's band plays, we also have a big t.v. with surround sound so you would totally hate us as tenants!

    We would however be willing to do dim sum every second Sunday
  • heh. so then i don't feel like such a horrible ***** for not wanting to go. i'm not the only one. I have no backbone though, and hubby pretty much already told her yes, so I guess I'll just go put on my happy i don't really hate you face and do it. Never pass up a free meal, he says. Never screw your wife over I say. *LOL* He'll get his someday though, I'm sure... *eg*

    Birthday is tomorrow, though i am working that day - last day of nine in a row by the freakin way - and then i will have four glorious days off in a row. or at least, i had better.
  • Okay, Lizzi, but you be ready for next year! Hear me!?! I used to have no backbone too, but I've experienced enough jabs from other people that I now have a very FIRM backbone!
    Well, most of the time. I'm still a little whimpy...
    Seriously... start saying no to a few little things. You'll gain practice for the big things. You'll feel so damned good about yourself...

    Yes, Mauvais, you are EXACTLY the sort of tenant we DON'T want!
    But yeah... I'll take you up on the Dim Sum.
    I hope our tenants don't mind that DH has a drum kit. And a jazz band. snort.
  • Lizziness-I get along well with my MIL, and we have the SAME birthday!!! But we celebrate on a DIFFERENT day because we both want to be center of attention on THE day. Your hub needs to get a clue!!!

    Ellis and Mauvais-You'd both hate me as a tenant!! skulking around the house until 3 or 4 in the morning, on the computer, Playing video games, and waking up at 11 am angry because you woke me up.....I WANT MY FREE CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST NOW!!!!!

    PainterWoman-We are all grumpy, and we know it. So we can come here and be reasonably happy because we all know that deep down we are b*!ching about SOMETHING!!!!!

    [email protected]!!! THEY SHOULD LEAVE US ALONE!!!!!

    Chicas- Please keep my ex-neighbor in your thoughts. He had by-pass surgery about a month ago, and got an infection. He has been in and out of the hospital ever since, and may not make it......Great guy.
  • Will do Den!
  • Oh crap, Den... I'm so sorry about your neighbour. We'll say prayers for him, hon...
    (damn... that's not going to happen to my DAD is it?!)
  • Lots of good thoughts your way Den!

    And no it isn't going to happen Ellis to your dad.

  • NO!!! He had by pass 14 years ago and was fine. They just started closing up again. (The man likes his saturated fat, what can I say?) He is a LOT older than your Dad too sweetie. Your Dad will be fine. He is strong, and he has started eating right already!!!

    Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts sweeties!!!
  • Lizzi, I think you should designate an extra birthday da for yourself. Tell your DH that THAT is going to be your real birthday, and he is taking you out to do exactly what you were going to do on your actual birthday. I will be thinking of you making that happy face - I made that face a LOT in England even though my in laws are sweet, but I DID have to do (& eat) lots of stuff I did not want to!

  • Grrr! boss driving me crazy today! and it will only be worse tomorrow as he is palming off a client on me so he can leave early
  • Give me his phone number. I don't put up with any crap.