I have a reson to b***h

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  • Pigs is right!!
  • YEAH! What they said!
  • Thanks everyone - I love you all! Thanks for letting me vent and summing it up so perfectly!

    You are all the best!! Lidian
  • Why can't they come up with the all ice cream diet? Or make ice cream taste bad?

    Miss Chris
  • Chris... there WAS an ice cream diet in Prevention Magazine last year! You get to have some everyday...
    Although I get the feeling you want to eat it ALL DAY!!
  • Alright, alright, I'll *itch!

    My oldest girlfriend came over the other day with her 18 month old. As if that wasn't enough (I love her dearly, but I'm OVER babies, and my house is no longer baby-proof. Hence the broken silver china cup the last time), she pulled out a magazine with an idea for slipcovering her dining room chairs. She asked about my sewing machine. I said, "Oh, they're not expensive... you should get one." She said, "But I can't sew!" I said, "Neither can I. I just wing it."
    Anyhow, as she was leaving she again used the word "slipcovers" in the same sentence as my name, and I managed just to laugh and ignore her. But I remember being asked to do stuff like that for people OFTEN before I was on meds for depression and pretty much having a nervous breakdown every time I said, "Yes"!
    I don't know what people are thinking asking stuff like that! Don't I have ENOUGH to do without slipcovering 4 beautiful velvet chairs!? For someone who could easily afford to pay to get them done!? For someone whose husband makes twice as much as mine!
    Here I am with a sick Dad, a depressed daughter, a depressed me, a huge house to renovate, debts to pay off, a car that's decided this is the year to deteriorate, and a ton of other things, and she wants me to sew slipcovers. hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    Geez, that was good for me. Now that I've dumped that (sorry girls), I must think of some positive stuff.

    Tip of the Day:
    Never let ANYONE know you have a sewing machine.
  • Ladies, you have made my day! I'm giddy with all the venting that is going on!

    Ellis - I promise to take your advice. What sewing machine?

    Here's my ***** for the day: Along the lines of old friends.

    How come all my friends started popping out kids, getting married and all that jazz (and I'm not even that young) but now it's like (pat, pat on the head), "Awwww, Jessica will get there some day, even if she doesn't want it now, she'll grow out of this stage."

  • Oh Ellis, I hear you! Good for you for not saying yes! I told youngest DD I was not going on field trips next year (I did every volunteer bake sale/trip this year except the zoo, and DH went on that trip). Glad to have her come home for lunch, but I need the odd day to do more of my own stuff. And it is hard enough for me to handle other things, never mind field trips!

    It just floors me, the things people think you have time to do for them! Slipcovers for 6 chairs forsooth!

    Jessica, that is SO annoying! I can't believe how people think they have the right to say that sort of thing. Before DH & I had kids, everyone with kids used to say "oh you'll be stuck doing -----[fill in the blank, child-related annoying stuff] soon enough" in gleeful tones, like they couldn't wait! Because we got to go on trips and things and go out etc. Which made the steam come out of my ears. In a polite non-confrontational sort of way!

    Chris, I was on the mini-ice cream-sandwich diet while DH was away. I don't know why I bought them. Oh, yeah I do. I wanted them! And I ate just about the whole box in one evening. I saw that Prevention diet too. By the time I would get to the ice cream part of their diet I would just eat the whole d*** container.

  • Oh Jessica... that's a nasty one. Everyone is smug and superior with their "cute little lives". Just you wait... before you know it they'll be whinging about their spouses and kids, they'll be having affairs, divorcing, splitting the contents of the house, splitting the kids... they'll be THOROUGHLY miserable!

    You know, I was 23 when I got married and 24 when we had our first child. For 15 years my best friend was single, and boy, did I envy HER! She had the BEST life! She was constantly pampering herself, buying clothes, nice furniture, etc. And she had so much time for HERSELF! Now she's married with a baby, a house, and a husband. She's definitely missing her "alone time".

    You enjoy yourself, girl! When they say something, just laugh securely and say, "You're just jealous!! I have the BEST life!!"

    ps. I need some new pillowcases. Could you run some up on your machine for me?
  • Lidian... I missed you...
    Thanks, sweetie.
    And good for you for putting your foot down re: the field trips!!
    I confess, I let DD stay at school for lunch. I felt guilty, but I really think he has more fun with his friends. And I love to have the entire day to myself. The only problem is, my sweet DH comes home for lunch every day now that we've started this diet. I wonder if he'd like it if I dropped in on HIM at work every day!
  • I meant DS!
  • 'em ALL, I say!!! NO ONE has the right to tell you how to live your life. And if they don't like it they can go THEMSELVES.

    slipcovers my a$$.....
  • Give em **** Jessica
    I tell people straight up I don't like kids and I paticuraly don't like other peoples kids. I don't see how that would make broken. I have a child and I know the limit of my tolerance. It paticuraly bugs me when people ask why we don't have more. Like I went to college, I work so hard, I am the primary bread winner so what I could spit out a baby every year. I don't have time or patience it would drive me crazy.

    Ellis bravo for ignoring your girlfriends intonation She can buy her own darn slipcovers or get off her booty and make some.

    The Ice Cream Diet by Chris
    Note All ice cream may be eaten in unlimited quanities and watch the pounds melt away
    Low Fat Latte by Starbucks

    Mid Morning Snack
    Orange Sherbert

    Heath Ice Cream Bars

    Afternoon Snack
    Missisippi Mud Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Pecan Buster Parfait

    Vanilla Bean or Rocky Road may be substituted at any meal

    Miss Chris
  • Can I use chocolate raspberry ripple instead of the orange sherbet?

    I don't like kids either. Well, I tolerate my own. Barely.