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  • Looks good, Lidian. I think we pretty much get to eat like an oinker once a week. Damn. I should have eaten more cookies last night.
  • I HATE PMS!!! Ate 2 (yes 2!!!) donuts. I had been doing well today. Tim's is a dangerous place. Or even someone who has gone to Tim's. (which is how I ended up with 2) I was going to go there since it is Camp Day, but I figured I had done enough damage to myself for one day.
  • UGH! I have been eating everything in sight lately. My period is kinda late - nobody make any comments about pregnancy i don't want to be jinxed! I don't really feel like I'm in PMS mode, I'm just depressed and angry at myself, so what better way to punish myself then to shove food down my gullet so fast I don't have time to think about it.
    Two days in a row at home, eating and eating. Oh, and did I mention EATING!?! It's just not fair, I am trying to buy more healthy things but Hubby is not on board with it, and it's hard to get healthy food at Costco. And he put a box of SNICKERS ICECREAM BARS in the cart!! What was I to do? Tell him no? YEAH RIGHT! *LOL*

    Okay, I'm done ranting for now. At least, on this topic. Hrmm.. maybe I AM feeling that PMS afterall.
  • Lizzi, when I have the lovely PMS I am depressed, angry and eating a lot, so you are not alone! And whenever I try and get only healthy stuff, my DH (who is thin) looks a bit sad and says gee, don't we have any cookies? So I end up getting him some and then they are there calling to me.

    Only he says biscuits cuz he is British. From a family of thin biscuit and cake eating Brits!

    (As for MY genetic heritage, you ought to see what the women on my dad's side of the family look(ed) like! We are talking about some seriously low centres of gravity, to say the least)

  • oh lordy... I just ate a large sausage roll.
    I've got to go to bed before I do any more damage.
  • I feel like Simon in that movie Little Shop of Horrors! FEED ME!

    LOL! Hopefully I won't be too bad when I start C2 on Sunday!

    Miss Chris
  • Chris? What's C2? Is it exciting? Is it something I can take?
  • I was starving at the show last night so I ended up buying the cheapest thing I could find at the freaking arena last night-chips!

    I can't believe how much everything is $4.00 for 1 slice of gross greasy pepperoni pizza, $4.00 for a soft drink or water
    Popcorn, nacho's, or a pretzel were anywhere between $3.85 to $5.00 the chips were only $1.50 so I went for those.
  • Tomorrow I am going to have some chocolate mints and some takeout...and we got DH chocolate for Father's Day, mostly stuff the girls like ("if we give him Guylians, we can help him eat them!" "I want the seahorse!" ---sweet, no? Guylians are white/milk marbled chocolates in the shape of shells & a couple of seahorses...the company donates some of the proceeds from the chocolate to saving the seahorses, which is Very Good, esp as youngest DD is a future marine biologist, hence she is going for the seahorses in the box)

    (Oh, I know - WAY TMO...point being though that I don't care about the Guylians, and won't eat them. I considered getting DH a box of French Chocolate Mints, but since he doesn't care for them and I would eat them all, it didn't seem very Father's-Day, really.

    I did get him a Terrys Orange, to hide from the girls! I don't care about that TOO much. But he probably ought to hide it from me too ...)

  • You've got to sneak your stuff in, Mauvais. (famous last words from the girl with good intentions. )

    My sister and I are making our Dad breakfast for Father's Day. Thank goodness I'm on Phase Two of my diet... I'll be able to have a piece of whole wheat toast without anyone asking, "Are you on a DIET?!" I HATE talking about diets with my slim family.
  • Yeah. I hate talking about diets with my dad, who has lost about 60 lbs. And he sure loves to talk about diets. Once he showed me a photo of me and said, someday you'll look like that again (i.e., THIN).

    Only I was 7 months pregnant in the photo! (to be fair, I was wearing a big navy top and you couldn't totally see my enormous gut)

    (He has totally forgotten this. Never said anything LIKE that! This was after my secnd pregnancy. A week after my first, he did the same exact thing, only with a photo from just before I got married and was at an all-time adult-weight low of 127. Thanks a lot, dad!)

  • Um, I didn't eat much today, but what I did eat wasnt good for me. I had a hot dog, fried dough (also called an elephant ear or funnel cake), a handful if Ritz bits w/cheese and a strawberry shortcake.
  • Lidian... your Dad!! aaaaaaaaaargh!!! My sympathies.

    My sister and I are going over to make Mom and Dad breakfast this morning. Father's Day. Dad has EVERYTHING, so I just picked him up some golf magazines. And four Belgian chocolates, which I ate last night in bed. Confessions...
  • Oh Lidian! How awful of your dad to do that to you!

    Speaking of dads.....my father wanted to go to a Seafood restaurant for father's day so we took him there for lunch. Only problem was that everything on the menu was fried or battered and deep fried or pan-fried in butter and came with fries.

    I finally chose plain filet of sole (which was however pan fried but at least not breaded) with a baked potato. Then we went to dairy Queen for dessert. I managed to resist all the uber-fattening stuff by having a Dilly bar which was only 3 points. I am not looking forward to weighing in tomorrow since I also had chinese food on Friday night and burgers for dinner on Saturday night.

    I am so good all week and then just blow it on the weekends
  • Mauvais, sounds like you were REALLY good at that restaurant. Sounds like the one we go to once a year with family, just before Christmas, all seafood but oh my the butter and the breadcrumbs and the fried potatoes! They overboil big hunks of broccoli, so it is pretty hard to be healthy there.

    And you know, if you are good all week you can take a little extra on the weekends (Wendie plan, you see!)...as for me, I had tempura last night & a big old bowl of frozen yogurt (even though I was stuffed). And I just bought meself a HUGE number of chocolate mints. Burp!