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  • I'm expecting a major oink in the way of some Italian pasta sauce from my sweet old neighbour. He's going to drop by this afternoon with something.? Unfortunately he only speaks about 6 words of English, so a great deal of hand waving went on this morning. But I suspect it'll be some of his WICKED meatball sauce. Give me strength...

    Miss Chris
  • so...ummm.. when are we invited over for dinner Ellis?
  • You are all invited. I will eat my spinach and chicken salad while you wolf down the carbohydrates.
  • Hey, why don't you use the sauce to make chicken caccitore and feed the meatballs to the kids?
  • Well, I'm just wondering where the heck the sauce IS!! I wonder if he came by when I fell asleep this afternoon... Maybe we really DID having a communication problem. We had one once... we'd just eaten dinner and then discovered that he'd invited us for dinner that evening... had to go over and force down the most incredible Italian food plus homemade wine.
    Good idea re: the sauce, Mauvais! I'll do it!
  • Well, speak of the devil! It just arrived!
    I just tasted one meatball. Oh my... it's like heaven. That man could make a FORTUNE with this sauce!
  • Tell him to come to Omaha, Italian food sucks here he could make a mint! TOO MUCH SUGAR IN THE SAUCES NOT ENOUGH GARLIC!

    Miss Chris
  • Chris, you haven't LIVED until you've had a garlic sandwich! Yum!!

    Oh geez... it wasn't the meatballs. It was the pizza that the kids had for dinner and the chocolate chip cookies they made afterwards. I ate one piece of pizza. It was damned good. Then I ate 4 cookies (they're pretty big). And then I snarfed down 3 more. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

    Back to sticking to my diet today!!
  • It all sounds very delicious Ellis - I couldn't resist when WE had pizza on Friday night, which is NOT the official Lidian Pig Out on Takeout Night...And as for chocolate chip cookies, well, if they are in the house I must and will eat many.

    Anyway, it is a GOOD THING to eat more calories some days and shake up your metabolism! There's a good hidden agenda. Like when I ate 2 (two!) Peps on Monday. (I could eat 2 every day, mind you, I really love them, and they are 2 for a dollar at the loonie store)

    That meatball sauce sounds amazing. I laughed about you having to go eat that second dinner - we used to live in a Portuguese/Italian neighborhood and I NEVER knew what the neighbours were saying.

  • Lidian, is that true about shaking up my metabolism, or are you just trying to make me feel good?
    It sounds very practical to me! I'm right back on track today, and hoping things will be fine.
  • Well, I have heard that idea a lot - something called the Wendie plan (eating more calories some days and fewer others but in a special rotation, of course I don't remember anything useful like that!) As for the content of the meals...probably you shouldn't eat say 10 Peps and a pizza (mmmm...yum! I could do that!)

    Glad you are back on track! And anyway Ellis, one day is just one day - not a big deal in the overall scheme of things. So I did want to make you feel better too - cuz why shouldn't you? You are doing so well & hurray for you!!

  • Yup! Wendie was on Weight Watcher's and had hit a plateau, apparently she started eating at the lower end of her points on one day and then at the higher end or over her points by a little and rotated this and broke the plateau. I read about it in Woman's Weekly Magazine a couple of months ago (I think)
  • Thanks, Lidian! I'm looking up the Wendie thingy right now! It makes perfect sense!
  • You're welcome!

    I think I will look it up too...