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  • Thanks Ellis - nix on the yogurt until June 18th for me! And congratulations - 5 lbs is fantastic! I hope I can do as well as you. I am using the Piller's turkey-ham strips, but I might get turkey bacon too. I really hate tomato juice too...I guess I will eat the tomatoes instead. I like red pepper a lot though, and the girls hate it, so I won't have to hide them!

    Again thank you for saving me from yogurt & soy milk based deviance!

  • I had a huge carb craving last night! I caved and made homemade macaroni and cheese mixed with steamed broccoli-only problem is that I ate two huge bowls of it then at around 11 pm I was so hungry that I had a bowl of cereal

    Damn those cabs! (where is the Charlton- Heston-fist shaking-damn -you -all -to -**** smiley??????)
  • Well, everyone - my South Beach experience is (as they say on Iron Chef, which I love!) OVAH. I was feeling SO awful (like I did on Atkins for 2 days) I thought it might not be PMS (which isn't like this at all - I felt quite sick). So I had yogurt & a dry piecce of toast this morning and immediately felt fine.

    I am still going to watch out for REFINED carbs, and nix on the margarine as much as possible. But I really don't like eggs and meat that much - not every day anyway. And I love oatmeal & yogurt!

    Ellis - you are great! I am really looking forward to hearing how South Beach is going for you & I am really happy that it is working out well for you.

  • I'm sorry it didn't work out for you, Lidian. I understand how you feel. I felt HORRIBLE on the Atkins diet, but I know it works for some, so each to her own.

    I must say, I'm eating WAY more vegetables than I used to on this diet. And the eggs and meat... I'm not big on them either, but I know that previous to this diet I was replacing them with Bridge Mixture and Doritos, so there must be some improvement in there SOMEWHERE!

    Anyhow, I think that every diet we go on teaches us a little something about food values, so it's never a total loss.
  • Darn it! I ended up going to Tim Horton's on the way home last night and getting a coffee (ok) and a Boston Cream doughnut (soooo not okay ) I was mad at myself even as I was inhale the darn thing but ate it anyway.

    Hey Lidian, I was trying to cut carbs too but I just can't do it completely. I switched to wholewheat products and trying to limit them to one carb meal per day-usually in the morning or pasta at night since I tend to get really sleepy and can't focus at work if I eat them at lunch.
  • That's exactly where I'm at too, Mauvais...the less processed the carbs, the better I feel, but I do need a certain amount of them. If I have them for one meal I will try and lay off them after that, pretty much.

    I agree, Ellis - you learn something from each diet, whether it works for you or not. The main thing I guess is to find the best plan for YOU, whether it is from a book or cobbled together from various sources. One thing I know for sure is that the days of bridge mix/midget mix/chocolate-filled hard candies/mini French Mint bars are over forever for me...I can't believe my grad school diet was noodles, muffins & Tobler bars (& wine at night! yum yum) - no wonder I had so many problems with my thesis! I always thought it was that I hated academia - maybe it was too much sugar!

  • Oh geez... MUST you talk of Boston Cream Donuts, Mauvais.
    And you, Lidian... chocolate/chocolate/chocolate... waaaaaaaaaah!!
    I am DYING for a sugar fix. It's not my brain calling out... I know it's my taste buds. Something sweet, then something salty, something sweet, something salty...
  • I had two hot dogs for lunch BUT they were on flax/12 grain rolls and I only had 1 roll. Harry managed to stab the rolls with the BBQ fork and they sort of disintegrated. (I've been avoiding highly processed foods like hot dogs and cold cuts.)
  • Sorry Ellis! Will not mention that stuff again. I know, when I read this thread I always get hungry...not that I don't really LIKE reading it.

    I am about to go lie down and read some new Nancy Drews I got (supposedly for the girls) secondhand - Nancy Drew Case Files series. Not too bad, the one I started.

    That Nancy! NOW she's on vacation in the Berkshires!(in the one I started) Her father (the noted lawyer Carson Drew) suggested she go there and stay with a (presumably wealthy) family friend "for a vacation" -- from what, precisely? (I guess all that mystery stuff is tiring, though she ought to try coming over to MY house and looking after the girls, the cats, the piles of clothes! There's no Hannah around here - unless its me, and I am a poor imitation of the fabulous Hannah...

    ...Two days at my house and Nancy D. would NEED a VACATION!)

  • I'm sure I've said this before, but why the heck (in the originals) do they; everytime they refer to Hannah, call her "Hannah Gruen"?! Like we might be confused and think it was some other Hannah!

    Where am I? Ah, Pigs Anon. Nothing to confess. Sorry.
  • There is only one Hannah! And I wish SHE would come on over here and straighten this place out and serve up her famous steaming hot whatever-it-is. And I will go out and solve intriguing mysteries.

    (The only mystery around here is where is youngest DDs favourite marble. I've been looking but I dunno where it is!)

  • Um, well, you see, I went to an ice cream festival of sorts today. It was for the local cancer institute. You pay $6 admission and get as many sample sizes of ice cream as you wanted. There was Perry's, Ben & Jerry's (my personal fav.) and Hagen Daaz (how ever that is spelled). I ate way too much. The oatmeal cookie ice cream was my favorite. Also had 2 slices of pizza and a few wings for dinner. *burp*
  • When DH and I were out shopping yesterday we ended up a a chip truck where I scarfed down a small order of fries -at least I washed them down with a diet drink.
  • confession...
    i swore i wouldn't reward myself for a PERFECT week by cheating, but then...

    had 3 glasses of wine and a veggie burger (with cheese and guac) and french fries last night.

    but you know, i didn't feel that bad about it. the portions weren't huge and i didn't feel overstuffed like i used to get at a restaurant (on purpose)... and when i plugged everything into my calorie log, i was only at 1800 for the day! which is WAY more than the 1200 i aim for, but still not that bad! (considering my body burns like 2000 just existing, or something...)

    so i am a bit of a pig, but after 7 days of being really, really good, maybe i deserved it. and i'm right back OP today.

  • On Saturdays I have a day off, every week - I think it is a really good idea, Gypsy, to do what you did. Cuz then you say to yourself the rest of the week: you can have that on the free day, so carry on being good NOW! Works for me - most of the time! (I do have a chocoalte mint on a weekday sometimes if I really really think I need to, but not very often)

    And also if you eat more one day it shakes up your metabolism in a good way, your body doesn't get overly used to the same thing. I know there is more to this but I can't quite explain it this early in the morning (that's my excuse, anyway)