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Skettihead03 04-23-2013 09:41 PM

Rewarding with a sleeve
I have a long way to go, but have decided to reward my 1/2 mark of my weight loss with getting a full sleeve. I was curious if any of you had any idea about weight loss and tattoos. At my half way mark, I will still be 240 lbs, with 100 lbs still to lose. Do you think a 100 lb loss will negatively effect/distort the tattoos?

I would like your thoughts on this. If necessary I will rearrange my goal rewards but am REALLY looking forward to that sleeve. :carrot:

Thedollylala 04-23-2013 10:04 PM

I'd advise to start with the bottom part of your arm and then finish the top with the last 100 lost, I'm at 180 and personally my upper arms aren't there just yet but from 247-186 I've lost 6 inches from my upper arms, my lower arms have tattoos on them, but I know sleeves have to be done in sections anyways, good luck and share when you do it!

Mozzy 04-23-2013 11:59 PM

Great goal, but you may want to talk to a tattoo artist about image distortion from weight loss.

Btw, I love tats and have several! And I'll be getting more when I reach goal!

amandie 04-24-2013 12:09 AM

It totally depends on your arms and where you gain/lose from. I did/do not gain much in my arms, only stomach/hips/legs/butt so I could have gotten a sleeve at 230 and be okay when I get to goal at 135 since I would not have much arm flab or batwings so that means likely no distortion or anything like that for me. I agree with thedollylala about getting it on the bottom part/forearm rather than the upper just in case then see from there. Also second Mozzy's on talking with an artist and seeing what they think.

This thread has me excited and looking forward to my tattoo reward (thigh and possibly full arm sleeve.)

dehtripper 04-24-2013 10:56 AM

Totally agree with all of the above (talking to artists, starting from the bottom etc). I had my one [upper] half sleeve done when I was near 170 a few years ago then then started my other arm when I was near my heaviest. I've lost a few inches on my arms since then and have lucked out with no distortion thus far but I also don't carry too much weight anywhere but my middle.

Amandie - me too! I've got so much torso canvas just crying to be covered. I think I'm more excited about that then reaching any number goal.

Soon2BHealthyGirl 04-24-2013 01:32 PM

This is one of my goal rewards too!

I agree with thedollylala and start at the bottom and work your way up as you lose more weight! :)

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