portion info from Xenical support group

  • this is probably old hat for the WW people out there, but was new to me, so I thought i would share with the rest of the 'brood'

    serving sizes at a glance"
    Bread, cereal, rice, pasta: size of a fist
    vetetables, raw 2 handfuls
    cooked, size of a fist
    fruit, apple or orange, size of a tennis ball
    chopped, canned or cooked, size of a fist
    Milk, Yougurt, cheese
    milk, yougurt, size of hand holding a tennis ball (?!)
    cheese, size of matchbox
    meat, poultry, fish beans, eggs, nuts
    3 oz cooked meet, size of deck of cards
    1 oz meat (what is the point?) typical deli slice
    1 oz peanut butter, postage stamp size (again, what is the point) 2 oz, size of ping pong ball
    Nuts, 1 oz is 10-12 pieces

    wonder why they don't use other body parts to measure???