Ta-Da - May 10+

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  • I cleaned downstairs and all of my plants are planted...It has only taken about 20 hours this week. But it is done, now just gotta water.
  • I skipped the junk food at the movie theatre on Saturday night and had a low fat frozen yogurt instead and still managed to stay within my points range
  • I actually bought and used skim milk...that deserves the heavens parting and choirs of angels singing hosannas on high.
  • Ginya-
  • Just did something I vowed I'd never do. I've cleaned the TV room. Geez, it was disgusting in there. I never go in there... you wouldn't believe the rock hard bits of food, the empty food wrappers, the dirty socks... brrrrrrrrrrrh!

    I've also completely rearranged the room and thrown the slipcovers in the wash, so I'm counting the entire experience as exercise.
  • Wow! That is a lot of hard work Ellis -way to go
  • Thank you, Mauvais. You are such a nurturer.
  • yay me
    So, I have two Ta-Das... Well, one and a half really.

    I've been doing this online interior design course from Sheffield Interior Design - and I got my first project back. The Pre-made letter warned students that they were doing really well if they got a C and most people don't do well on their first projects - but I got a B+ !! YAY ! I was so scared of starting school up again. I am happy about it.

    Also, I have a job interview on Friday. I have been working in a stagnant job for more than 3 years and it's sucking away my soul. I am hoping a really lot that I will get this job. I know two people who work there. I would be off my feet and in a cubicle and it would be awesome! Plus I wouldn't have to wear a uniform that makes me look like a gas station attendant.

    *thinking good thoughts*
  • Lizziness, how wonderful! Good luck on Friday!
  • Liziness-congratulations on your b+ and good luck with your interview
  • thanks, ladies! I really am hoping a lot that i can get this job - but i'm not going to get my hopes up yet. THey want someone with 2 years travel experience and i do not have it. But I am still hoping a really really lot.
    (my current job is the pits of ****)
  • Good Luck Lizziness!

    I think a few of us are right there with you in jobs from ****.
  • I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Knock 'em dead!
  • My tadas....my lawn is finally coming in with a bunch of watering and tlc. I finally finished hanging art work down stairs. I cut, stained and hung up 120 feet of molding. Gosh I am glad that is done. I mopped the floors on my hands and knees. Dried cereal does not come up without elbow power! I now have to get off line and tidy up and clean the fridge and kitchen....family is comeing this weekend.
  • Good luck Lizziness!!!