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a brave new me...
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Question Huh??

HAHAHA... I'm more messed up than all of you... I'm the one that needs a shrink!

Ginya... is your mom overweight?
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Queen of China
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Default her day she was 'miz thang', but the years have taken their toll and now, in her 80's with all the smoking related illnesses you can count including breast cancer, she is a bitter old lady. I have come to terms with her and realize she is not willing or able to be a support to me. Neither her or my father came to any of my college graduations, my dad has never been to my house. Some people were never ment to have children, and they were brought up in a time when that was never a option. She has told me that she is jealous of me for my life style (who knew I had a life style!!!) and does not understand a thing I do...and I am fine with that. It took years, but I am fine with it. I can honestly say that I have tried my best to be the daughter she deserves, and that is all I can do. When she gets pissy with me, I leave and do something positive. I quit hoping to wake up one morning to find June Cleaver..that would just freak me out anyway. And in a wierd way, their distance has made me the independant ***** I am today. Thanks mom!
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Cookin' With A Vengeance!
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Yup. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. But don't you wish that something would come easy every once in a while?
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Queen of China
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if it came easy, we wouldn't appreciate it. Believe me, when I see women in China carrying water to their 'homes' or watch people stand in line to get permission to travel outside of their province, I understand how lucky we are, and we don't even know it. I played the hand I was brothers and sisters all have fallen into one form of addiction or another...(oh why couldn't I have been addicted to green leafy vegitables and excercise instead of gas station cappicino's and BBQ chips???)
and they played the same hand. It is interesting how we all turned out so different.
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Hey Ginya!

So you still want to lose 50, but you have lost 50 and so congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry your mom can't be more supportive, but you are right to count your blessings. Good luck to you! You already sound just fine to me...keep it up!

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Congratulations, Ginya!!!!

What an inspiration you are! Here I am trying to lose 30 lbs for what seems like forever, and there you are having lost 50! You go, girl!

Could it be that now that you are losing the weight that your mother picks on you even more because you're finally proving that you can do it and she won't be able to be negative about it for much longer? What will she do then? I'm sorry she treats you that way. You don't deserve it.

You keep on doing what you're's working, and soon you be at goal and you can say to them all, So how do you like me NOW?
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