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Flower-CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! It WOULD be great if we all showed up!!!

Ellis-In the last couple of days we had an ice storm and a snow (just 4 inches, but in 3 hours.) I didn't bother to shovel because they said it was going up to 40 today. It didn't though, just went high enough for the roads to get slick again. In Michigan they say, "Don't like the weather? Stick around for 5 minutes and it will change." I am SO sick of winter right now that I could scream. At least we never lost our power.

Sojo-WOW!! What courage!!! I'm too chicken to get my belly button pierced. Of course, during my last pregnancy it blew, so it would actually look pretty bad probably!!!

What is the author's name on that book? sounds like something I should check out.
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Yeah, Den. I hear ya. It's supposed to go up to 9 celsius tomorrow. I'll believe it when I see it.
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you can call me flower
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Don't mean to brag, but we have the windows and doors opened! Spring has returned!!!!!
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Congrats Flower. We will all be there in spirit at least. Though no more bragging about weather! While I was gone last week, the nasty ice storm left me a present. I had to have my windshield replaced because of huge crack.

Den - the book was written by Jennifer Weiner. It really is great.
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ooooh, Squeak... my sympathies re: the windshield. The same thing happened to us this winter. My Dad loaned me his car while he and Mom were away for the winter, and one warm day these HUGE chunks of ice fell off the roof onto my Dad's car. (got a big dent on our car, too) Completely smashed out the rear window, badly dented the roof, etc. The insurance had to actually replace the whole car roof because the damage was so bad. Really glad I wasn't standing under that ice when it fell.

It's warming up today girls! Okay, it's -11 right now with the windchill , but it's supposed to creep up to +8.
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Ellis ~ I am soo wishing you could be here!!! Our rain has stopped it is still over cast but it is like 65-70 out side..... I have too much housework to do this day to enjoy it though....Bah, I would like to see snow but I really don't know how you guys handle that much snow and that kind of weather for so many months of the year..... We only have two season Warm and Hot!!!! It rarely gets below Freezing here and when it does it usually isn't for more than 2 or 3 weeks... My kids don't even own winter coats.

Well I talked to the Nurse Manager of the department that was suppose to go to work for after graduation. She said that she can still justify hiring me due to the amount of overtime she is still having to dish out. She also said to not worry that as soon as she got approve for posting the job she would let me know so I could get in and get my application processed. I am still stressed out. Since there are 2 colleges graduating and we have 50 or so in my class. With 3 of the hospitals in the area on a Semi-hiring freeze that is going to limit the jobs available and the up the amount of people placing applications for one position.


Well other than that My life is good, weight slowly sliding off... I use to average 2 pounds a week now I am managing about .5 Seriously this really sucks! I just can't motivate myself to sweat.

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Geez...Sojo's getting pierced, Flower's getting married...I gotta wander in here more often!

Congrats, Flower! Wish we could be there with you. WE WANT PICTURES!!!
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