Yay! I exercised today!

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  • New thread for the week

    We are all doing great in the exercise department

    Let's keep it up

    I did my bellydancing on the weekend and some walking.

    Tomorrow is gym night!
  • Friday was a free day. I had too much to do. Saturday we mall walked for 2 hours. The first hours was with no stops, the mall was still closed. Sunday (today)we walked for 2 hours at the Sacramento zoo. I had to park 1 mile away from the entrance. They didn't plan that well, but I needed to burn off some cookies anyways!
  • Going to the gym today! And yoga this evening...
  • Week three day one: I guess this will be my pilates not-rant. I only did it 4 times last week. I think I got way too frustrated. So I gave myself a couple days off. Today I did the basic again with a whole new attitude. Short hair, new mat, and not quite as burned out. I am starting to be able to do the moves right. I am starting to be able to feel my "powerhouse" and isolate certain muscles better, like my glutes. I am starting to gain more control, so I can do the work slower. I am starting to be able to do a roll up, even if I still have to throw my arms forward to help my abs pull me up. The Dummies DVD has been shipped, and I'm looking forward to alternating the two. I am not going to give up, I AM going to finish out this three month challenge to myself.

    Tonight, upper body weights with my daughter.
  • I had a cold over the weekend and was not up to running - did about 2-3 miles walk each day though.

    Feeling fine today (though sinuses still a little plugged up, I KNOW you wanted to know the details!), so went for a run and it was just fine (nice cool weather for it too) - 40 minutes, 4 miles.

  • Today was UBWO. It was a good one, but still having problems finishing up shoulders in the end, I had to drop set down to 10 lbs. to get it done. Everything else was as planned, so GOOD JOB Chris and keep up the hard work!!!!

    Miss Chris
  • Well, I did use my weights on the arms for 20 minutes. Gotta get those gardening muscles in shape after 18 months of non-use! Too darn cold for walking again this morning! I'm a wimp!
  • Ruth, I am SO impressed!!
  • Well...it was going to be an upper day but instead I dragged hundreds of cardboard boxes to the alley for the city to come pick up. My arms are a bunch of J_E_L_L_O now. Weights would be useless. A q-tip is about the only thing I can lift now! -
  • Upper body. Heh. Noodle arms.
  • Today I will be logging big bales of earth and peat moss at the greenhouse. That will count as exercise. You may never hear from me again!
    Ellis and Mauvais, if I die, you chicks can have all my herbs that are started under the grow lights. Tell Harry I said so.
  • Ruth darling, as much as I would LOVE to fight over your seedlings with Mauvais, I would much prefer to keep my friend. ALIVE!!!
    And yes, that definitely counts as exercise.

    I think I'm going to the Y today. As soon as the furnace woman comes and fixes the damned thing. Again.
  • Week three day two basic pilates.
  • Well. After a month of retirement from delivering papers, I'm back to it again. The woman who replaced me found it too hard, and I missed my pre-dawn walks.

    So I started again today! One hour of hard walking, carrying 40 newspapers.

    And I went to 1 1/2 hours of yoga this morning.

    Feels great.

  • Well, I actually used my Treadmill today and my weight set.

    Miracle never cease. DH bought me a treadmill and a weight bench set thing not long before I found out about my heart problem. So between school, work, and the medication I am on I don't feel like working out MOST of the time so this is an accomplishment.

    I am excited I walked/ran 1.75 miles and did upper and lower Body weights ... not much but it is a start, I am so so so very out of shape.