Yay! I exercised today!

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  • Walk to and from work today
  • A genuine run, at last, now that the streets are de-iced - 36 minutes, highly aerobic, going to sleep well tonight kind of run!

    And I walked children back and forth from that d*** school about a million times too!

  • Back on track...
    Walked three miles today... always helps to lift my spirits.
  • Did 30 minutes of cardio and 15 minutes of LBW... This is only day three of getting back on the exercise kick so I think that isn't too bad. Eventually will work my way back up to what I was..... Hard to beleive a little over a year ago I could do 7 miles and now am having a hard time with 2.....
  • I just went for a brisk one and half hour walk. Phew! It's warm out there! A beautiful day.
    Mauvais, you'll have to start wearing your hats again. I was just thinking that what I need is a small umbrella to perch atop my head to keep the sun from my pale skin.
  • Went for a run this morning and it was great except for the last minute (of 40) when I had a twinge in my right knee. Fortunately I am off for my annual checkup on Monday and will ask about it. I love running and hope I don't have to give it up but having said that I also do not want to have knee problems and not be able to do long walks.