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Last show I went to was the was Rob Zombie, 10 years, Chevelle, Hollywood Undead, All That Remains, and As I Lay Dying. LOVED all that remains and as i lay dying!!! 10 years and chevelle rocked as well. Not a real zombie or hollywood undead fan....but it was a good show.
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Freaking IRON MAIDEN. (Along with Mastodon, In Flames, Alice Cooper and Slipknot. Although not too fond of Slipknot, I even found THEIR show enjoyable. It was fun!)
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Thousand Foot Crutch & Skillet
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i lost my head awhile ago
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I don't go to concerts very often, since I don't like crowds and most of the concerts are standing room only, and being on my feet stationary for 1+ hours hurts my feet too much. My last concert was Mindless Self Indulgence, maybe last year I think.
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Totally bringing this thread back up here... because I love concerts. I went to Bonnaroo the first time this past summer and definitely plan to continue the tradition. I saw Paul McCartney and Macklemore, among other really awesome shows and I had such a good time. I've also been the Music Midtown in Atlanta since they reopened the festival a couple years ago. I saw Weezer and Red Hot Chili Peppers this past festival and the year before that I saw Foo Fighters, Florence and the Machine and Pearl Jam. My boyfriend is a huge music junkie (he's been to Bonnaroo 7 times.... he also is from the county that the festival resides in Tennessee) so I have been quite the show goer the past 2 years.
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I wanna go to Bonnaroo!!

Last concert was Black Lips this past Thursday.

I think I'm usually the biggest girl on the floor - I'm sure I get drunk not only to enjoy the night but to get rid of my self-consciousness over my size. I've been going to so many shows over the last year and no one has been an ******* to my face. People have been surprisingly nice! I did NOT expect that.

I do buy GA tix and stand for 6 hours on my feet. I have a job where I'm on my feet so maybe that makes it easier for me. Also the artist makes a huge difference! So much giddy excitement, I forget about my feet. I usually end up waking up sore the next morning.

Going to ACL festival again in a couple weeks. so excited but I know I will be hurting which is my main motivation for my workouts lately - If i'm stronger and lighter the pain will be less! lol

Attending live shows has really been a big motivator for me lately. I love it!
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Ok. . . I'm aging myself, but what the h***. The last "real" (i.e. in a stadium and/or coliseum) concert I attended was AC/DC's Heat Seeker Tour. I believe it was the early '90s. That was a blast and I felt great. The last concert I attended was a much smaller affair. It was a couple of years ago at the House of Blues and I saw The Cure. I didn't feel so wonderful and very self-conscious. I know that I wasn't the biggest in the room, but I felt like it.
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Amon Amarth with Sabaton and Skeletonwitch. There needs to be a throwing horns emoticon. With all the ones I just scrolled through, I can't believe there isnt one there.
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I went and saw Bayside for the third time I think in may of last year. I haven't been to a concert for a while now, I think I'm going through withdrawal!
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Queens of the Stone Age last October and March.
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Coheed and 3.
And I saw Rush tour in theaters. It was a really good quality filming of their most recent show. That was cool without having to drive hours to see their show in person.
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Last show was Three Bad Jacks in San Antonio, Tx a few years ago.
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My last concert was sadly a couple years ago. We saw Disturbed and Avenged Sevenfold. It was great. With a 2 year old it's hard for us to get to concerts now.
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My last concert was also a couple years ago, to see deadmau5. I definitely felt self-conscious being around so many young, fit, gorgeous people in the crowd...lol. But I still had a great time! Once I'm at/nearing goal weight I can't wait to go to another concert and feel like I can really let loose and dance like crazy without getting winded - so that's definitely something that keeps me motivated!!
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Love this thread!

I saw Floetry (early 2000s neo soul group) in April. I went with my Big sis/bff and we had a blast. I had seen them in 2004(ish) while living abroad. They originally from the UK. I want to see Anthony Hamilton some time this year. He just ended his tour so I'm keeping my finger crossed he has some smaller shows.
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