"you're too fat for that piercing"

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  • Yeah...this is exactly what I was thinking the Piercer was thinking when I went to get my belly button pierced 2 years ago.
    I was about 155lbs which is not "fat-fat" but I for sure had a big tire muffin top. I went with my friend who got her tongue pierced, the piercing part wasn't bad at all but the comment my friend said was "aww it looks so cute when you were laying down!" I know she didn't mean this in a bad way but man did that make me feel like a whale :/
    I only kept it about 3 months because it wasn't healing at all, which I'm sure my fat roll was the culprit. I ended up with an ugly dark scar from it which is just a reminder to me of how badly I want to lose weight....and maybe if I get the courage I'll go back to that place and get it done once again if it's possible
  • The great thing about piercings is that they can be removed or redone I don't think your friend meant it badly, but sometimes the body rejects piercjngs not cause you're possibly over weight. It could have been the material they used.
  • Like DollyLala said, it could have been the materials. It also could be that the placement wasn't right for you. That really must have sucked, though. My tongue piercing closed up years ago and I want it back very badly.
  • You may just be sensitive to body piercings. My sister has always been small and her belly button ring took ages to heal.
  • My first nose piercing fell out and got rejected as well.

    To be honest, I always thought I was too fat for belly rings too... now I promised myself that when I lose the remainder of the weight and my stomach goes "flat" I'll get a piercing
  • No no Ive had snakebites and my septum pierced using ring made of the same material and my body never rejected those. My belly button sadly is right in the fold of my fat rolls so when sitting down or bending over the skin rubs and and yeah it got to the point that my inside fatty flesh was starting to come out from one of the holes. the friction that would happen on the piercing kept it from healing
  • I understand what you mean, Misa. Less friction when you're smaller. I am sooo scared of getting my belly done, worried that I'd accidentally get it caught on something or whatever. Ack.
  • Amandie, heh no don't worry, I've had my earrings and lip rings get stuck on way more things than my belly button ever did. The piercing part didn't really hurt at all, it was the week after that did. Now a days I think belly piercings are over rated and would rather get my septum pierced again or some dermhals but I'm glad I at least got to "try it out"
  • I do have a lip piercing with labret stud. Never really got it caught on anything though I chipped a freaking tooth on it last year- I was using a replacement stud that was a bit longer at the time. >_<
  • Navel piercings are unfortunately one of the piercings that don't always work well for people who are a bit heavier. It has more to do with the shape of the navel as you gain weight, the ledge where the piercing goes tends to round out a bit and doesn't support the piercing as well. Of course, if you have rubbing from extra weight, that doesn't help at all either.

    Of course, I'm not saying this is the culprit, it could have been incorrectly placed, or you could have a nickle allergy (most places use stainless steel which is good for most people, but contains a small amount of nickle. If you are sensitive to it, then titanium is the best thing to use, as gold actually contains a bit of nickle as well).

    I used to be a piercer, back before I decided I couldn't make a comfortable living off of it, and it was always a bit of an uncomfortable subject, trying to explain to some girls why I wouldn't pierce their navel. But as I said, it was always about the shape of the navel, just heavier girls are more likely to have a shape that doesn't support a piercing well. Some skinny girls are ill suited to the piercing as well though, so it really is just anatomy dependent.
  • A good reputable piercer should be able to tell you if your navel is suitable for a piercing. Unfortunately, most piercers are paid on a per piercing basis, so there are some out there who will do the piercing even if they think it will reject, just for the money.
  • I had my eyebrow done when I was younger and it fell out one day, I tried to put it back but there was nothing there haha, woops.

    These things happen, hey more motivation to get it done again eh
  • The placement of the piercing on the body, anyones body, makes it hard to heal. You're always bending, twisting..clothes are rubbing up against it.
  • I wanted a navel piercing, until I realized that it might not even heal once I had it pierced. Plus, my body hates metal. Out of 20 something holes, only 3 of them stuck.
  • i see this is an old post but i just wanted to say ... talk to your piercer about your navel before ruling it out

    it depends on how your belly is shaped , i am over 200 lbs and got my belly button done just recentley with no issues what so ever ,

    of corse i wouldent show it to anyone but i enjoy that little bit of sparkle in my tummy when i look in the mirror my fiance likes it too ,