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flower 03-18-2003 10:54 AM

If it was only that easy
This is on the MSN home page today (3-18th)...If it was only so easy to loose the weight! I am trying to do these things, but I have never seen those numbers at the end of the year! :) Maybe cause a box of candy always cancels everything out! :)

Skimming Off the Top
Here are seven simple get-that-excess-weight-off ideas:

A spoonful of sugar can add up over the course of a year. Add one less teaspoon sugar (15 calories) to your cup of morning and afternoon coffee each day and youll save about 10,000 calories the equivalent of about 3 pounds per year.
Slim down that bowl of cereal: Switch from 1 cup regular whole milk to 1% milk (about 50 calories less per cup) every day. Once your taste buds adjust, youll be thrilled! That's a tad more than 5 pounds lost by this same time next year.
Take the scenic route. Park your car as far as possible from the entrance to your office, the shopping mall or a restaurant and get those legs pumping. Ten minutes of daily moderate paced walking (five minutes each way burns about 20 calories) can take off four-plus pounds a year*.
Get your vitamin C boost with a whole orange (60 calories) instead of a cup of juice (110 calories) each day. Ka-ching, ka-ching! Your 12-month savings: 5 1/4 pounds.
Go calorie-free by switching from regular to diet soda (150 versus 0 calories per can). If you drink one can per day, thats nearly 16 pounds lost in a year.
Flavor-up your sandwiches with very low-cal condiments like mustard or vinegar instead of calorie-packed butter. Leave off 1 tablespoon (100 calories) every day and youre looking at close to 10 1/2 pounds a year.
Down-size, don't super-size, fast food meals. Opt for a small McDonald's French fries (210 calories) instead of a large order (450 calories) at your weekly fast-food meal. You'll enjoy the same great taste all year long but with an added bonus: 3 1/2 pounds lost

jiffypop 03-18-2003 03:26 PM

ok... so what are the rest of us supposed to do??? those of us who don't use sugar in coffee or tea, and use butter once a week, and don't eat french fries more than once a month [and then only about 6], don't eat sandwiches, don't use mayonnaise, don't drink soda or juice.. and who also use skim milk and do 40 minutes of intense aerobic exercise daily plus regular strength training????

i know one so-called nutritionist who says 'if only these people would eat the way i do, they wouldn't be heavy.'

bite me!!!!!!

RavenToy 03-18-2003 03:29 PM

:lol: Thank you, Jiffypop, you took the words right out of my mouth. (Think that will help me lose weight?) ;)

jiffypop 03-18-2003 03:31 PM

words are not only cheap, but calorie-free!!!! thank goodness!!! and we have to burn up at least a couple of calories by getting them out...

Goddess Jessica 03-18-2003 04:11 PM

I could rant about the media coverage of obseity until the cows come home... if one more "news" article tells me that the serving size for a piece of meat is the size of a deck of cards, I'll puke.

sarajane 03-19-2003 12:28 AM

Goddess Jessica - We have a position where I work of Fairy Godmother - You might just be perfect for it!

If you notice - most of the over weight women of the world do not eat tons of sugar, do not eat alot of salt - do not eat bon bons on a velvet pillow - although that sounds great! In our house we do not fry food or eat alot of red meat...we buy fat free sugar free ice cream. I did not grow up eating at Mc donalds - we grew what we ate! And I do not lead a sedintary life! Please They need to get real!!!

Sojourner 03-19-2003 01:46 AM

Wow... I managed to gain fifty pounds following their advice. Go figure. :dz: Give me a :censored: break.

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