Happy St Patrick's Day

  • Happy Green day everyone! I am not Irish, it doesn't mean a whole lot to me, but Terry was so I try to get excited about it for the boys. Their great grandpa was Patrick Patrick. How Irish is that???
  • That's VERY Irish, Flower! My DH has southern Irish ancestors and mine are from about as far north as you can get without falling into the North Atlantic, so we don't do anything much. I think they were supposed to wear green at school today but the girls didn't care about that, so they didn't.

    I think the girls would like it more if there was chocolate associated with the day! (Luckily for me there isn't!)

  • I'm Irish on my mother's side, but must admit to being a little pissed with St. Patrick for running those snakes out of Ireland. Myself; I'm wearing a snake today!

  • Happy St. Patrick's Day!
    May those who love us, love us.

    And for those who don't love us,

    May God turn their hearts.

    And if he can not turn their hearts,

    May he turn their ankles,

    So we may know them by their limping.

    May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live.
  • A toast...

    May your coffin be built from 100 year old oak. And may we plant the tree together tomorrow.
  • I loved that one, Ellis.

    May you always have these blessings...
    A soft breeze when summer comes--
    A warm fireside in winter--
    And always--the warm, soft smile of a friend.