Nurturing the Nuts

  • I've really been having a difficult time this week... very depressed. Last night I was just sobbing on the couch. Poor dh, I don't think he knows what to do with me. This weather is starting to make me crazy... not to mention all of the other major issues I'm still dealing with. Plus my weight loss seems to have come to a standstill. This just sucks.
  • SOJO- {{{{{{HHUUUGGGSSS}}}}}}} Wish I could help someway. I hate those kind of days when the tears start coming and watch out, here comes the flood gates! Spring will be coming soon. It makes things seem a bit more manageable. The winter can't stay here forever!
  • Screw it!
    I am booking a flight to Can Cun... my best friend and two other friends are heading to a sunny spring break on the Mexican beaches. She has a time share at this all inclusive place and has been asking me to go... I have been reluctant since I just returned from 16 days in Thailand, but that was hardly a vacation since it was a work/volunteer trip. I just decided I am going to go for it! Enough of this cold, cloudy, snowy, icy, depressing weather. We leave on March 30th for a week in the sun. From what I've read, the resort we are staying at is "high energy"... which I expect means lots of partying. I could definitely go for a week of sun and tequila. Hmmmm... now I really need to lose a few pounds over the next two weeks!! Oh crap... I need to go buy a new swimming suit.
  • You deserve a nice trip,Sojo.
    Just go with the flow of the moment .You are beautiful
    just like you are...the weight will come off..just relax and
    enjoy your trip. You'll have sunny delight under the bright
    tequila sky..Just let that Cancun sun melt
    all of your worries away as you romp and play...
    Give yourself permission to let loose a little
    I'm happy for you...go get 'em grrl
  • Have fun on your trip Sojo. I hope you fell better hon.

  • Sojo...gosh, I wanna go on vacation somewhere like that too! Have a wonderful time, don't forget to smile and leave your worries at home!
  • Ohhhhh...
    Thank you for the encouraging words. Its hard to believe that I'm beautiful when I'm carrying around all of this extra weight. I really get down on myself. My best friend (the one I am going to Cancun with) is this hot and skinny little blonde thing with amazing style and spunk. She is always the center of attention wherever she goes. Its difficult for me sometimes and hard not to compare or feel bad. I really hate that, because I love her to death and she is totally accepting about all body types. I keep thinking that I am going to be this big whale on the beach next to all these bikini clad skinny girls... but damn it! I am determined to have a good time. Just because I am overweight doesn't mean I can't have a fabulous time on the beach, right? It upsets me that I buy into this socially constructed idea that only thin is beautiful. I really struggle with body image... what about the rest of you? Does everyone else hate their bodies as much as I hate mine? I mean, I think I have a pretty good body to work with when it is at a reasonable weight... but right now I just look in the mirror and feel like retching. This just can't be emotionally healthy. And what I really don't get, is that my husband thinks I am beautiful and sexy. What is wrong with me?

    So yesterday I bought a new swimming suit... it was definitely traumatic but I did it. I ended up with this cute little black suit that shows off the couple..... ummmm, voluptous.... assets I have and minimized a few others. I also found this great black gauzy cover up sarong sort of thing, which helps the situation out tremendously. I won't be turning heads, but I think if I stay waist deep in water I will look ok!
  • Sojo, I think you WILL be turning heads! Not everyone is entranced by the thin blonde on the beach. And if you feel confident about yourself, you'll look even better!
  • A lot of men would prefer large curves than blond and bones any ol day. And obviously you have wonderful personality traits or you wouldn't have been asked to go to Cancun and you wouldn't be married! You have "it" you just got top remember where you hid it!