March Madness

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  • Happy Monday, St. Patty's day, and any other assorted sundry reasons to celebrate today....

    Pilates officially kicked my a$$ and that was only the freaking intro to the positions. However, I made a promise to myself that I will be doing this stuff 5 days a week for the next three months and that at the end of that time I WILL be doing the entire basic routine without gasping like a dying fish, and I will NOT be using the "alternative" positions. hoo ha. *flex*

    Kelly, like Flower, I'm really curious as to what you think of the ball. Please tell!
  • where are you moving Kelly?

  • Good morning ladies,

    Well the ball class went well yesterday. Wasn't as bad as I thought I was going to be. It's a bit awkward, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it after a few times.

    Lois--We are still staying in Simcoe. We are moving from Maple street to King street.

    Today is lovely laundry day! Hopefully only a few more weeks and then I don't have to take the clothes to the laundry mat anymore!

    Did everyone enjoy the beautiful weather yesterday? It was gorgeous out! Melted alot of that dirty white stuff out there.

    I'm off. Everyone have a great day and I'll check back in later.