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  • I know some people don't have specific weight goals, but rather "size goals", but for those who do have a target weight & various goals in-between - what are they? I'm curious to see how mine fall in line with other people, how far everyone has come, how long it has taken to get where you are and anything else you want to say! Also... I think it's helpful to write them down somewhere... and what better place to do that than here?

    Weight loss stats (I'm 5'6): 208/188.5/135 (I've never listed my weight before anywhere - I think I'm going to faint!!!!)

    My first goal was to hit 199... just so I'd be under 200. My second goal is 175, so I'll no longer be in the "obese" medical category, I'll be in the "overweight" category. My third goal is 154, which is a "healthy weight" for my height, and my ultimate goal is 135, which is roughly the center of my healthy weight range for my height/age/build... though I'd be happy with 139, just to get under 140 again, lol.

    I've been at it this time since the middle of Dec, roughly 3 months, but I basically took all of Feb off with traveling for work and then just being lazy as heck for following weeks, since Feb 1st, I'm only down 2.5 lbs, hehe. But I'm losing again now!

    Ok, what about all of you?
  • I am not sure... I am around 194 right now. The last 6 monthes I have been going up and down from 180-200. Very stressful time. My highest ever was 216. I am a hair under 5 5. I carry my weight all over but mostly in my belly and hips. I have a flat butt and small thighs considering!!!! The lowest in the last 5 years was 161. I am a size 20-22 right now. I told you, I carry it in my waist. When I was 161, I was an 16-18. My first goal is to get under the 180 mark. Hopefully by Easter.. I probably won't change sizes, just be comfortable. The next step is to be under 170-size 18, then 150-size 14. Goal is 138-size 10. I don't think I have EVER been anything under that, even in JR High!!! I have huge feet 9.5-10's, broad shoulders, big head. I will never be at the bottom of the normal range! My dad was a football player at UCLA. I got his genes...Yuck!
  • Hey flower, I can relate to the body size issue. I have the big bones, lots of muscle, broad shoulders figure, too. My daughter got it from both sides of the family and she's actually quite impressive. I think she's going to make one heck of a weight lifter.

    Lets see... I'm about 5'4", and my highest ever weight was 245 right after the birth of my son. I managed to drop that down to 225 by the time he was about a year old. When he was about 18 months old, my Mom passed away. I really honestly don't remember anything at all for about the next 8 months or so. That's when I came out of my cotton wrappings, and told my husband I wanted a divorce. That's when I got serious about losing weight. I inherited my mom's treadmill, and started using it. I call it the "I just got a divorce-my mom just died-I have two kids and no money" diet. I didn't eat. Not bloody intelligent, but ... I really didn't give a rats behind. Ok, so I got myself down to 167. Then I moved to GA and maintained that weight for a while, but slowly started inching up. I hit 180, was running and doing taekwondo and lifting weights. Then my boyfriend and I broke up for a summer, and .. surprise .. I stopped eating again. This time I went all the way down to 154. I was also doing really funny things like passing out at work. *sigh* That fall was like my emotional turning point, I guess. My BF and I got back together, and I started sloowwwllly putting on the weight. I finally made a commitement to do something long term about my lifestyle and my health about 3 months ago, and I've been plotting and planning since then. I'd hit 214 at that point. I got it down to 211, then found this place. My first goal is really to just get under the 200 mark. 199 would be a truly beautiful thing!! After that, I really, really want to hit 167 again, because that was what I weighed when I moved down here. I just want to go backwards!! Then 154, then ultimately I think I'd like to weigh between 135 - 140, depending on if I'm lifting heavily or not. I'd really love to be in a size 10 again, and as physically fit as I was when I was 22!
  • Lunula, Wow, I still haven't confessed my weight. 167! There, I did it too. I'm about 5' 6".
    I am in a size 12. No matter what I get down to, 150 would be nice, I will never be small. I have what they call "birthing" hips. The bones don't shrink. I think even when I was thinner, I wore 9/10.
    I have to set small goals, or it would just be too much for me. My next goal is 165. I'm almost there!
  • I am not sure what I want to weigh, but I would like to fit a comfortable size 10. I am currently a tight size 12. I am 5' 1" and 162 lbs. I figure that will put me in the 140-150 range. I am not sure what my highest weight was, but I know I was a 16. My guess is the 175-180 range.
  • The weight/size thing is really relative.... I want to weigh about 135, my lowest adult weight was 123 and at 5'8 that was pretty yucky.. my DH likes the emaciated look think that is what attracted him in the first place. I can fit comfortably in a size 8 between 145/150 I would like to get back in all of the 8's I bought when I got down to 145ish before I started Nursing school.

    Ultimately I just want to feel comfortable in my body.... I don't anymore. I am considering having a mini-tummy tuck, possibly liposuction and breast implants once I reach goal weight. I had 2 huge babies and gain mega weight with both.. my stomach muscles are not where they are suppose to be, it looks like I have had a c-section and I haven't, I would like to have that fixed and if reaching goal weight doesn't do it I really want to have it fixed. I have alway had HUGE thighs and a small waist and no boobs unless pregnant or breast feeding.. I would like to be in proportion for once... So I guess my goal is to be a proportionate(sp) size 6/8 and feel good about my body.

  • I'm 6'1 and people say I carry my weight well......HA! I've never seen anyone that carries a double chin well.
    Right now I weigh 225, the most I've ever weighed in my life without being pregnant. The most I've ever weighed as 245. My normal is (was) 155-160. I gained about 100 pounds in 18 months...my first 2 children are 11 months apart...yikes.
    My first goal is to get below the 200 mark and then I'm aiming for at least 170....if I keep going a bit...that will be just fine with me
  • I am 5'8 and currently weigh 162 lbs. I carry most of my weight in my butt, hip, thigh area.

    I weighed 165 to 170 in high school. My highest weight ever was two years ago when I weighed 185 lbs. People never thought I was that heavy because as someone else here said "I carried it well".

    My lowest weight was about 12 years ago when I weighed 130-135, then again I was surviving on tea and soup most of the time and going out dancing every night. When I look at old pictures of myself at 130 I can see that my bones are sticking out in my face, neck and chest, I don't think I look very healthy and I thought I was fat back then!

    I just want to get fit and live a healthy lifestyle. I think 145 is a realistic goal for myself
  • Yeah Mauv, it's kinda sad... I graduated high school at 136 lbs and I thought I was fat back then. *Sigh* - what I wouldn't give now for that weight!!! My doctor did a double-take at my last weigh-in - she said I "carry it well", too - which is good (I guess?) - but I hated seeing "205" on that scale. My heart just sank.

    WSW & Loubug - congrats for saying it outloud! I hate seeing it/hearing it/thinking about it, lol - but it's a kick in pants that I need.

    And wow, we have some tall women here!

    P.S. - Raven... you need a hug! {{{HUG}}}
  • Wsw, you are doing GREAT! Woof!
    ALL of you are!

    I was always sturdy and fit, Lunula. In high school and college I weighed 128. I was in great shape, but thought I was fat! I'm about 5'-3" . I ran almost every day for 10 years and ate like a PIG, but I started gaining after my first love died and I met my (future) DH. I was a feminist, and DAMNIT I was going to eat JUST AS MUCH AS HE WAS!!

    My highest was about 220 when I was pregnant with my second child. I had just lost weight prior to conceiving, and I did NOT want another child! I drank 3 litres of milk a day, and gained 80 pounds that pregnancy. It was awful... I could barely walk.

    For the longest time I weighed about 160, and I carried it well... few people could tell that I was 30 pounds overweight. I was uncomfortable then, but I'd love to be 160 right now!

    Now I'm 193, and I'd ideally like to get down to 130 - 135. I think it's a reasonable goal...
  • Goal Weight
    Well, I am certainly NOT tall at 5' 1" I carry my weight pretty well until I get over 175... and then it shows in my tummy and my breasts and thighs are way too huge and the whole proportion thing gets out of whack. Up until that point I have a nice hour glass figure that gains and loses weight pretty proportionately.... hippy and busty with a relatively small wasit. I am naturally very muscular and have broad shoulders, wide rib cage, wide hips, curvy butt (thank God for the smaller waist). I will never, ever be a waif... even if I starved myself. My highest weight was 198, when I joined 3FC several months ago. As of this morning I weigh 182.5... so I've lost just a smidge over fifteen pounds which is a freakin' miracle.

    My initial goal weight is 130... which is at the high end of a normal weight for my height. Actually I would prefer to weigh about 118, which is what I weighed as a teenager... but I don't know if that is realistic or not. I try to focus on losing five pounds at a time. I can't wait to hit that 179 mark right now... how amazing will it be to see that seven digit!! I don't really care what size I get down to as long as I can wear clothes from a "juniors" store... size large in juniors would be fine... size medium even better! Maybe that would be a 7/8 or 9/10 in a misses?
  • Sojo-I second that! I would love to be able to dress in the jr's dept again!!!!! Not saying I want to go for the Brittany Spears look, but misses can be so matronly!!!!!
  • oh man, oh man, oh man,
    this is hard, I have been in denial so long, I dont think I can even do this, but it may be helpful, and it may be cleansing, and it may be downright theriputic...here goes.
    I am 5' 4 and zoftig...curvy in all the wrong places, huge butt, hug thighs, small (and totally hidden) waste, huge droopy boobs...
    I have never had children though totally 'built for birth" so I can not even say my highest weight was "just before Junior was born", nope, all weight was gained by me, for me...
    my highest weight was around 275, though may be more as I had hidden the scale for years. I had radically lost weight on that 'oprah fast diet' many moons ago and weighed 130. The program got me to loose the weight in a very quick manner but never taught me how to maintain it, never gave me any idea about life style or healthy eating, just a pat on the head, a "you did good" hand shake and a boot out the door to make room for the next 'patient'. I was foolish enough to think I could handle it on my own and never sought out help like WW or TOPS, ( I mean we all have the collective wisdom of the ages on weight loss and calories etc.) My weight started to sneek up when I went back to college to finish my BA, after that, I was faced with some challenging health issues (MS?, maybe) pain was constant. I lost my job and fell apart. My health continued to decline while my weight continued to climb. I found a job as an artist for a gift company and spent my days sitting at a desk drinking coffee and eating for 5 years. My weight was well over 250 then. I was offered a position as a buyer and jumped (well, sorta lumped) at the chance. I was flying all over the world, first stop Hong Kong. Let me tell you, I think I was the biggest thing since Godzilla those people had ever seen. The looks, the out right stares...but still I gained. The airline seats grew increasingly uncomfortable, and the pain in my arms and legs was unbearable. I was living on pain meds and baily's Irish cream. Finally my Dr. said I was not able to take any stronger pain meds with out being addictive, so he suggested accupuncture. That led me to a series of Doctors who suggested I take herbal meds, get masages, etc, none of them suggested I loose weight! I ended up in leg braces and arm splints, bearly able to walk. I was tired of being this person. My weight was now 275 and was still climbing. Out of desperation and heartache I foud this place and began reading the forum. Stories inspired me and I began the long hard journey back to me. I dabbled with an 'at home' diet and failed miserably. So, knowing I am totally weak on my own, joined a program called "medical weight loss" and have lost 30 pounds so far, on my way to 160 (their goal) maybe less (145, my goal). I have backed that up with this group and the weight commander software. I have bought and actually use (and not just to hang clothes on) tread mill and a 'george forman grill". I bought a boat lost of pre packaged frozen chicken breasts and veggies and eat healthy now. I drink a ton of water and excercise every day. The pain is still there, the symptoms of MS are still there, but I understand that every life has challenges and these are mine. Like another well known group, I am taking thinks one day at a time, and understand that for me, we are very simular. Who knows, one day I may end up in a wheel chair, but then again, I may end up doing a 10k run...the challenge is in the living.
  • Ginya...

    Good luck on your journey, and you are a great inspiration!

    My goal is to be around 125 lbs and be in a size 7. Right now I weigh 134 and I'm in a size 8. I started my weight loss journey about 3 yrs ago at 150.5 lbs and I joined WW. I went down to 127 and decided that I don't need to go to meetings anymore. I regained most of my weight and went back into my old eating habits.

    And.....here I am.!
  • Ginya, you give me shivers. How awesome you are!