Aren't we chatty today???

  • I suppose I should start a March Chat, but I am being a wierdo! I will make a topic that doesn't fit any where. I am trying to stay away from the damn fishes! I blame you all! I got a bag of the new colored ones and boy are they tasty. (Yes-they taste exactly the same!)

    I have so many ideas going thru my mind at once, and I keep ending up in the stupid kitchen!!!!! I need to find my books in the garage, I need to clean the shed to start my craft room, I need to do so many things but I find myself at the computer or in the kitchen. I need to make a to do list. Baby steps. One itty bit thing at a time.

    Grif woke up from his nap a total bear. He threw a toy at me, so I spanked his diapered butt once(yeah, that hurts) and walked out of the room. His feelings are so hurt. I am upstairs and can still hear him. I am sure his brothers have a headache now. He will be totally hurt. He will be coming up the stairs any moment to say he is sorry. But then I gotta cuddle.

    I am having an anxious, pick at my nail polish types of days. I hate days like these. Grandparents took Cameron to Costco for a vision test. He is so nervous!!! He needs glasses, he keeps getting headaches from reading and video game playing.... Well, I have rambled on long enough. ~flower
  • Flower, I was just doing a quick drive-by with the intention of catching up here and on the support board tomorrow at length....when I spotted your thread about how chatty everyone is...with NO replies! I couldn't let that continue, as I know how you feel about starting a thread and everyone disappears!

    Colored fishes...I hope you're talking about Goldfish crackers? I chuckle every time I hear the commercial on TV..."here's a jingle for goldfish, baked and not fried goldfish...the yummy snack that smiles back until you bite their heads off" It's my warped sense of humor.

    Tackle your "to do" list 15 minutes a time. If you start something and get frustrated, tell yourself you only have to do it for 15 minutes, then move on to something else. Eventually, you'll make some progress.

    Have you and Grif made up yet? How did Cameron's eye test go?

    I snuck onto the scale this morning, even though I wasn't going to until Monday, and it showed a loss of 2lbs. Now I just have to get through the weekend without blowing it. I've SO had it with winter and snow and freezing cold and icy sidewalks so you couldn't walk on them even if you could bear the temperatures! I want Spring and I want it NOW, dammit! At least it's bright in the mornings when I leave for work now. I feel like I've been sleeping through life for the last few months and I want to wake up and stretch.

    Gotta run, but I'll be around on the weekend.
  • I knew once I posted it, everyone would be quiet! You know it always happens. Thanks for making me feel less self conscience!

    Grif and I made up, he went back to bed and got up happier!

    Today I unpacked at least a dozen boxes, repotted a 1/2 dozen house plants. I hung some pictures, swept the front of my house removing lots of spider homes. Ewww gross! Watered the trees and bushes. Hung the laundry to dry outside. I feel so Mrs Cleaver when I do that!!! I was doing so well, until Chris brought home McDonalds. I am not complaining and for so many years, I always got the fillet meal w/ a regular coke...I guess I suppose he made the most obvious choice.
    Colored fishes, yeah the cracker version. Do you think the jingle sounds like the band Phish??? I look forward to chatting w/ us tomorrow! ~flower
  • Hi Flower! I just popped in to help you break the thread curse

    I am up too late and the "Naked News" is on -it is horrible! These bimbos who can't even pronounce words like "technology" properly are reading newscasts in the buff.

    I was trying to watch the entertainment segment on the new David Cronenburg film that is coming out and the naked bimbo was in the way of the screen showing the preview of the film! Grrr...get out of the way you store bought boob job -cotton candy haired-wench- I'm trying to see David Cronenburg!!!

    And they have these painfully unfunny naked comedy sketches in between the news segments the world of television just keeps reaching new lows!

    Oops! Sorry flower I thought the thread said " Arent' we CATTY today"
  • Naked News! Dont you think the comedy sketches should have clothes on for relief? And what is the masculine of bimbo? Bimba? Doesn't seem right.

    Flower, we have so much going on in here, I didn't spot your thread. Mea culpa!
  • I guess Naked News is a Canadian thing. Is it to lure those who won't watch anything other than wrestling and sporting shows and porno flicks??? I never want to see naked people on my news. Men or Women. No thank you.
  • Ruthxxx-the masculine of "bimbo" is "himbo"

    I think the naked news started in the U.S. possibly on cable specialty channels. It is on regular cable here - DH was channel surfing and came across it. I prefer the normal news myself.