Healthy convience foods

  • What are some of your favorite healthier style covience foods??? I LOVE Uncle Bens Honey Ginger Chicken bowl. I love turkey keilbasa, Morning Stars black bean burgers, schwanns garlic herb potato veggie mixture. I adore Diet Vannilla Coke, but I can only find 12 packs at Target 85 minutes away!!!!
  • Yup!
    Even though I sometimes love to cook, I'm usually all about convenience foods. I love the Amy's line of organic food... expensive and not exactly low fat... but delicious and the portions are controlled. Her soups, burritos, Mexican dishes, pasta dishes, and macaroni & cheese dishes are all delicious. YUM!

    Lite snack size microwave popcorn.

    Veggie corn dogs by Morningstar.

    Whole wheat frozen waffles.

    Quaker oatmeal... throw it in the microwave.

    Low fat Triscuits with pb&J or cheese or tuna or just plain.

    baby carrots and veggie dip

    cereal... not just for breakfast... I like Oatmeal Raisin Crisp

    DH loves yogurt

    frozen fish fillets or chicken patties... great sandwhiches... low in calories if you just have one sandwhich

    and of course... frozen pizza (whoops, that isn't exactly healthy but is definitely convenient!)
  • I keep a stock of Tostitos Baked Tortilla Chips on hand. And Betty Crocker Low Fat Brownie mix.
    I occasionally buy Weight Watchers or Lean Cuisine, etc dinners for DH's lunches.
    I'd love to find some good recipes for low fat/low cal individual dinners that I could freeze myself.
  • I love convenience! But it is hard to find healthy convenience! I like:

    canned minestrone or bean soup
    the occasional Lean Cuisine on top of salad or other veggies
    diet Fudgsicles
    diet jello
    Boca burgers and Gardenburgers (but they are kind of expensive)
    oatmeal, instant or not (you can microwave the regular kind too, the plain stuff in big bags I mean)

    and I love cold cereal like puffed wheat - 50 cals a cup, and it fills you up!