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  • I spent yesterday eating goldfish, an oatmeal bar (not very good), hard caramel candies, rice cakes with peanut butter, and a big ole bagel, and some chocolate hearts (I wonder who bought THOSE! must have been my evil twin) - oh yeah, and takeout at 10 pm. And I sat around all day too. Once I start - no matter how controlled and clever I think I am...I am like a steam train rolling on faster and faster towards anything that looks good, contains chocolate, and is not covered in waxy mold...

    And next week is DH's birthday! And this means CAKE, well of course it means cake! Ugh...that darn man could eat a whole cake and still be thin. Harumph!!

  • I know what you mean Lidian, once I start its hard to stop. I did only eat yesterday at the buffet and did not have a thing after it .But when you are on your 5th bowl of rice pudding and asking how much you have to eat to get physially ill and your quite serious about it you are nothing but a PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Miss Chris
  • I ate some of those little tiny donuts from Costco and some profiteroles too! Who ever invented bite sized creampuffs must be a minion of Satan!!!!!!
  • I LOVE all of you!! Wish I could relate to what you are saying about food, but i just don't understand! I'm so delicate that all i could manage today was a cappucino, a mexican rice dish (with meat and veggies and cheese and hot sauce), a half bag of potato chips with dip, a Bass ale, 4 girl scout cookies, a sausage (chicken, with gouda and apple in it...tiny at 6 inches long), and 4 pieces of Italian bread with bruschetta and more cheese melted on top!!! And BECAUSE I am SO delicate, i feel like I am going to explode even though I hardly ate anything today!!! Oh well, maybe tomorrow I can work up a better appetite (BURP!!!)
  • Lidian, I thought we talked about those goldfish?

    Repeat after me... Goldfish are E-V-I-L !!
  • Yes, Lunula, they certainly are. They are in fact so evil that I didn't actually eat them, it was my evil twin who sometimes comes in here after the kids are in bed and scarfs down stuff that she KNOWS I don't eat!

    I sure wish she would go out in the snow and ice and cold to get the girlies from school - burn off some of those goldfish, dontcha know....

    But she is never around when there's work to be done! She does come grocery shopping some weeks though, and you should see what she puts in my cart when I'm not looking!!!

    Mauvais, anything made in a tiny size - is made by evil beings - mini President's Choice cinnamon rolls, mini Snackwell cookies...and, um, those lil goldfish crackers too...

  • SIGH

    I ate a whole box of Figolu which are like fig newtons while I was registering for 3 fatchicks.com DOH!

    It is /really/ not good for me because of my blood sugar. I don't know why I did it. But.......

    they were good.

    Tomorrow I start my diet for real...yes. I will, because there are no more figolus left in the house. I saw to that today. Job well done.
  • Janiegirl- I love fig newtons too! If I lived in France it would be hard for me to stay away from red wine, cheese and baguettes, not to mention the delectable pastries Darn now I'm getting hungry!
  • wow. between this thread and the journal about the donuts, I'm about ready to head off and raid baskin robbins, or dunkin donuts, or .. ooooo godiva chocolatiers. *sigh* I usually buy ice cream for my kids so they have something sweet once in a while after dinner, but they have started abusing the ice cream. So I bought these totally cool little single serving size ice cream cups at Walmart. I showed one to my daughter and said "See this!? THIS is a serving! Three HUGE scoops is NOT a serving. One of these has nearly 200 calories in it! " I have to say I was kind of satisfied to see her eyes get a little wider at that. I even got an "Oh." Yes well, but then I ATE ONE Sunday night. *bonks self* It was so gooooooood. *lol*
  • Ice cream...oooh! shudders

    I was never really a pastry abuser. I am a muncher...crunch and munch, gummie bears and well...more crunch and munch.

    They do have wonderful cakes here. But when I eat them I think I go into sugar shock. These folks love their sugar. How do they stay so skinny?
  • Janie, I like anything that is crunchy too! And I remember on a trip to Paris (long ago, pre-kids!) we bought the best cookies ever, and tons of bread (I also love bread and butter, buttered toast etc) - and croissants! My goodness, if I lived in France I would have an even harder time resisting goodies! Do they have any weight-loss stuff there or is everyone amazingly self-controlled? Is there WW in France?

    We get few enough diet products in Canada...anything in France?

    I love fig newtons too! I just got some 'fat free' ones for my DDs lunches....they are fat free all right but 65 calories per fig bar, and I can eat 10 at a time (provided I don't see how many calories are in them! but now I know!!). It is fine for the young ladies here who eat 1 or two if that, but not for their mother!

  • I am seeing more and more sugar free stuff, like ice tea and coca cola.

    But generally I have to cook low fat or watch what I eat. I am diabetic and even the weight watchers yogourt and desserts have sugar in them.

    My french is not very good and if there were a WW, I probably wouldn't understand. Though there is a large British Population here, there might be some interest in that. But I just figure I should learn more French. They are really patient with me. As long as I try, they are really helpful.
  • ALRIGHT Who besides me thinks that Girl Scout Cookies should be outlawed? All of those cute little kids out selling their wares.... it is worse than dealing drugs..... Shame on them
  • YES!!!

    ...and in other news.....remember the horror film with the hand that gets cut off and has a life of its own? My hand is like that. It keeps shoveling food into my mouth.