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  • Okay and who are the Beatles?

    JK.... I just don't know that song....

    Yesterday was a way bad day... I had been having purging problems last week but I started to journal and I did really well up until yesterday. I got home from clinical I was tired and hungry and just had the overall munchy fiend thing going so I made a 5 pack of grands biscuits(5biscuits not 5 cans) and ate them all with butter.... Then I felt guilty and I had to throw up. Can't deal Really Can't deal with this creeping back up. It is like I don't realize it is happening, until after I do it and then I feel bad for doing it but then I think I would feel worse I hadn't..... It has been 5 years of bulimia free and the last month has been a bugger. I think I may cry....
  • Sorry Amyjo! Can't help you there -I'm too young to know who the Beatles are
  • AmyJo...sometimes the best thing to do is cry. Then you can pick yourself up and dust yourself off.. You know what you did, and you know the signs to watch for. It won't become a habit. You've come to far!!! WE are here for you, any ol time! B#t#h, complain, growl, Get angry...anything!!!! We are your friends!!!
  • I have had to fight those urges sometimes too, sweetie. ESPECIALLY when the depression and self-loathing come creeping back. Flower is right...we are ALL here for you, and you don't have to do that. You have had a bad month, but it can be over now, and the month starting from TODAY can be a great month!!! You can beat it!! I hardly ever even think about doing it any more, and I used to torture myself with it!! It CAN be done!!! (Now if only i could stop overeating in the first place!!!)
    I am sorry your having a bugger of a month Amy. Puking takes so much out of a person and does rotten things to your teeth. Do you have a support group or something to go to?

    On a more selfish note today was my free day and oh was I a gross pig.

    Stuffed French Toast with Eggs, Ham, Sausage, and Bacon(I did skip the hashbrowns LOL!)

    Indian Food Loaded up on their fresh veggies and chicken then for desert had 2 bowls of curry rice pudding and a piece of orange cake with butter frosting

    Chocolate Covered Strawberry from Godiva and 12 72% Cocoa Demitasse
    1 Bowl of Ice Cream with Special Dark Syrup on it

    3 Hot wings with lowfat blue cheese
    2 pieces of golden stuffed crust pepperoni pizza

    2 pieces of golden stuffed crust pepperoni pizza
    rootbeer float

    Okay I am due for a food hangover tommorow and to be very good. But it felt so good to be bad today

    Miss Chris
  • Chris-Can I come to your house???????
  • Sounds like my day yesterday Chris.

    Breakfast - 4 cheese garlic biscuits

    Lunch - Orange chicken & fired rice at the mall

    Dinner - 3 slices pepperoni & cheese pan pizza

    Various snacks - Overloaded peanut butter cups - I just saw them for the first time yesterday - peanut butter cups with extra candy on top. And stopped at DQ for the first Peanut Buster Parfait for the year. But I only at half of it.

    And I bought a box of those addictive cookies mentioned in a nother thread - but I haven't opened the box yet...
  • Your invited next Saturday Den, but I will probably not eat so much. I feel like a fat bloated pig. Today its protein and veggies. Eating clean is what BFL call it. I call it isn't chicken boring? LOL!

    Miss Chris
  • I did really well today until we stopped at the pharmacy for DH's meds.....and bought candy bars (oog)

    Chris-Did you end up getting a food hangover? I think they are even worse than booze hangovers!!
  • No I didn't really get a food hangover, but I tried harder this time:
    Free DAY!

    Meal 1
    Big Mac-no buns
    2 cups of coffee
    1/3 of DQ Blizzard it was too sweet threw away YICK!

    Meal 2
    Popeye(spinach/chicken in a peanut butter sauce)
    Snickers Almond

    Meal 3
    Cake at EtOH then I went over to the Refinery and had another sliver of cake

    Meal 4
    A bag of chips = 5 servings

    Meal 5
    Split a whole cake with the Germ guys

    Meal 6
    Finished the Popeye
    1 Twix

    Meal 7
    Split a WW Veggie Pizza with 1 of the guys.

    READY TO EAT CLEAN TOMMOROW. Must quit oinking it up on the free day too!
    Miss Chris