What famous person's body do you most aspire to?

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  • When you lose weight whom do you want to resemble physically? I think I would like to resemble Jennifer Lopez. I want to be fit, and sexy without being rail thin. Anyone else?
  • Mama Cass?
    I believe in attainable goals.
  • I think I am aspiring to look like this girl I knew when I was fifteen (me). Not that I expect to regain my beautiful teenage body, but anything is possible. I chose me because when I was 15 I was truly beautiful, only I didn't know it. I am 6'1 and was always the tallest, biggest girl in my class (and probably the whole school) I weighed about 150-155 and thought I was just huge because all my friends were like a size two. Nobody ever told me that I was perfectly O.K., that I weighed what I should, or that I was beautiful.
    My second choice would be Jennifer Tilly...she is curvy and sexy and I'm told all the time I look like her anyway...not too sure about that one...although I do have black hair!
  • Julianne Moore

    Slim, fit, confident, sexy, pale redhead.

    I have the pale redhead part down so I am at least part way there!
  • Angelina Jolie! Her body is my ideal!!!!!
  • Janet Jackson... those abs!!!!!
  • I would have to say Hallee Berry in Swordfish. Her breasts were perfect and so was the rest of her. Not too thin, but curvy. Drooool!
  • Lara Croft
  • Kate Winslet, Emma Thompson, Jennifer Lopez, and Sporty Spice from her Spice Girl days...gotta go now, DD needs me!

  • Angelina Jolie,
    Guess I will have to get me a lip job though. I unfortunately have relatively thin lips.
  • Ruthxx: Mama Cass!!!

    I like the ideal of the curvy woman like J. Lo or the tight body look of Angelina Joli, but when I first saw the post I immediately thought Angela Bassett.

  • I would looove to look like Angelina Jolie!!! I have a major crush on her anyway. LOL! But I would also love to look like Jennifer Lopez, or just me except as fit and sexy as I can be. I like all of your answers! Not a Calista Flockhart, or Lara Flynn Boyle in the bunch! Yay!!!!!! Ruth!!! You are so silly! Mama Cass may have been big, but she was wonderful, and what a voice! I love her.
  • Hate to admit it but I would love to like Christina Agulera?.... Not quite that skank but she has a beautiful body.... next to her I think I could go for Angelina Jolie, but I would have to have my boobs done... heck for any of these mentioned I would have to have my boobs done.
  • I just thought of someone else I think looks great.

    I don't know if any of you ever watch that show "The Gilmore Girls" but I think the woman that plays "Lorelei Gilmore" is really attractive. She has a really pretty face and a normal looking body, slim and fit but not a stick and not overly worked out either.
  • This is a silly question, but...
    ...since you said Christina Aguilera I had to ask: has anyone noticed her belly button seems higher than it should be? You know how this is true for men? Well hers is like that? (no I'm not saying she's a man and yes she has a good body).

    Sandi (someone who will never need a boob job )