What famous person's body do you most aspire to?

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  • Erykah Badu, she's beautiful, although I don't think I'll ever attain it since I'm white and well........she's black
  • Bettie Page.... sexxxxy...
  • Goddess Jessica- yes, Bettie Page was a babe!
  • That is so wierd....I didn't know who she was until yesterday. Chris told me. He is 10 years younger than me so it wasn't an age thingy!!! Guess pin up girls aren't my thing!
  • I was clueless as to who she was so I searched and the 1st item showing was a naked statue of her trimming a Christmas tree! It was $175.00!

    I could stand to look like that!
  • I've been in love with her for such a long time. When my boyfriend asked if I ever thought of dying my hair black, I took it as an opportunity to get a "betty page cut." Now I have cute little Betty Bangs. I'm working on the bod....
  • I own a whole box of Bettie stuff I got at an auction. Her with the hairbrush and being tied up and all that. Its so soft core now a days but it was cutting edge in the day. She is beautiful.

    Miss Chris
  • I have a scrapbook of things that interest me, haircuts I want, people I want to look like, clothes I'd like when I reach goal, and so on. I have a really sexy nude of Bettie, it shows her from behind, and she's sitting on her calves, very sexy. I would love to look like her! I've known about her for about 15 years now. My best friend's husband was in love with her. I don't blame him! Rawr!
  • Aw... c'mon! No one agrees with my Janet pick?

    Click Here for Janet!!!

    And Australian Kate - what does skin color have to do with aspiring to a person's shape? I'm as white as they come, and I wanna look like Janet!!!!

    And Bettie Page - I've seen her photo tons of times before and I never knew her name! I just looked her up on the Internet - she is awesome!

    Pssssst..... we're ALL prettier, smarter and sexier than Anna Nicole!
  • I could handle looking like any of these ladies.

    And maybe the hubby could be the Diet Coke guy who takes off his shirt!
  • My husband would ruin the diet coke huys body in about a week! LOL!

    Miss Chris
  • Wow...
    Hey... Janet is a knock out... I'd take even a fraction of her muscle tone and that beautiful dark skin anyday!! What about Halle Berry?? She is just simply perfect, in a softer way than Janet.
  • I'd trade in my sickly white British skin for dark ANY DAY!!
    I'd also take the black hair and the brown eyes. And sure, Halle's body would be fine. Just fine.
  • Denise Richards could I wake up tommorow and look like her?

    Miss Chris