first month on new program!

  • well, folks, its been an entire month for me on this new program and I am down 20 pounds. It is a challenge and every day I find myself thinking about it, but it seems to be working. It is a commertial program (now don't get wierd and critical...I have read all the other posts) that started in my area called Medical Weight Loss. It actually HAS nurses and Dr.s. I go in 3 times a week and have my ketones checked, blood pressure monitored and see an actual honest to god Dr. once a month. I am on the program that includes a RX for marida and that is a god send! I also get B12 shots and had a blood test prior to I feel much better about this then the other programs which will be nameless. The food program is very strict for me, and is making me eat ever few hours, but it is also teaching me about portion size and how to read lables. It is high on protien and low on fats and carbo's but has many choices. The program also included a class on 'dieting vs living' and a supportave staff. My hubby has lost 13 pounds just eating what I do! Anyway, I am pretty confident that this will teach me how to get control of my eating habits and teach me that my body just does not tolerate eating the way it is presented in a fast food commertial. I have asked myself if I could live my life this was, and the answer is yes...the changes have all been easy, (except the ding~dong water...gag) and I do not feel deprived. I think the best thing is the fact that I am thinking about the future instead of when I will be off this damn diet. A life style change? maybe, but for the best.
    Just thought I would share with all my alternachickies!
  • Way to go ginya on your loss and I am glad you have found something working for you!!!!!!!

    Miss Chris
  • Great to hear from you Ginya and congratulations on your weight loss

    I'm glad that you found a program that is working for you. I am also rethinking my weight loss strategy and working on a new program for myself.

    Good luck and keep up the good work
  • Wow...
    Congratulations on making this commitment! You have lost more weight in a month than I have in six months!
  • Congratulations Ginya!

    Have a great week!
  • thanks for the support! It has been a challenge, but it seems to be working. I go today for a Dr. visit and will see what he says. I feel good and think this may be what gets me going. The 'diet' itself in pretty much the one on the home page of 3FC, with mulit vitamins and fiber. I walk on my treadmill 30~60 min a day and try to avoid all the food triggers. so far, so good. The RX for maridia is a blessing for me, it really seems to knock out the appitite and I don't have the cravings around the tv that I always did before. I think, if taken carefully, it is a good thing. (thank god for insurance!) I will keep y'all posted on progress.
  • Sounds good, Ginya. 20 pounds is very impressive!

    Hmmmm....high protein, high fiber, low fat and Meridia. I'll check it out because I have not lost anything this month - I think.
  • Ginya...
    This really sounds like a good program. I would be confident about it because you are regularly monitored by a doctor, are exercising, are taking classes on changing your lifestyle, and making positive eating choices. I think people sometimes get into trouble with low-carb or diet pills because they are not being properly monitored by a doctor or aren't making the necessary lifestyle changes. It sounds like the program covers all the bases and is very healthy. Good luck and keep us posted!
  • went and got weighed today, down another 5 pounds..25.2 total. Feel good, but still waiting for clothes to feel loose and someone to notice. Was I really that big that a loss of 25 pounds wont make my clothes seem loose...dang!!!!!!!!!!! I work out of my home so unless my typing gets thinner, no one will notice, oh well, I can't wait to see the look on my bosses face when I go to Hong Kong in Oct. I hope BY THEN someone would notice. xoxoxox
  • Great Job!!!

    If you keep it up you will knock the socks off your boss!!!
    I could lose all my hair and "the Chef" would not notice. And we share an office!

    I weighed in today and gained a 1/4 pound.
  • Way to go Ginya!