i am back

  • I am back! I finally got in my house on Jan 4th. But it wasn't mine until the 20th. I rented it from them. Anything that could go wrong did. But it is all done now, I don't owe anyone $ except for my morgage and my car. That is a huge relief. True my bank account shrank down to didly squat...but CHRIS HAS HAD 2 PROMOTIONS AT WORK AND IS WORKING FULL TIME. I find that extremely positive! I found it real hard to diet without all of you. I missed you all terribly. I didn't like using my dad and step moms computer. They knew everywhere I visited. I made a decision to postphone getting a cable modem until I was settled for at least a month. I needed to get things done and unpacked. They installed it this morning...he hasn't been gone more than 20 minutes!!!! Now, that I have said hi, I should read what you all have been up to. I won't stay away that long, ever again!!!! HUGS-flower/audri
  • Hey Flower,
    So nice to have you back! I am very happy for you that you are all settled into your new home. You must feel as though you have accomplished so much. We have a few new gals on the threads. They are all great, but we have missed you. Stay in touch!~ Virginia~
  • Welcome back!!!!

    Congrats to you and Chris! New home, promotions.... yea so you're broke, you have your own home now! (feels good huh?)

    Good to "see" you back here!

  • Welcome back Flower!! I'm so happy that things are going well for you. We've missed you, too!
  • Welcome back flower!

    Congratulations on the house and on Chris's promotions

    Sounds like things are looking up for you!
  • Hey Flower! I've been gone for a while too....but here we are, back together again... Timing or what?

    Glad to hear you're finally getting settled in your new house. Congrats to Chris on the promotions! How are the boys doing? We have to catch up!
  • Yeah, Terri... and just where the **** have YOU been?!
  • Gosh things sound WONDERFUL... I am so glad you and WF are back... and I am so glad things are working out so well.....

  • Welcome back Flower & Wildfire.

  • Thanks everyone! My dad just surprised me with a new computer. I just need to go get a new moniter and I can have 2 so I don't have to share!!! Yippeeee