Having a good body day!

  • Today I decided to have a good body day! I stood in the mirror naked and observed that I now can do the following.

    1. Stand on 1 foot for forever if you asked me
    2. Grab my ankles
    3. Flex my pecs I can alternate pecs like the guys on the beach YEAH! Chest muscles.
    4. Make a muscle with my bicep
    5. Do the queens wave with a limited jiggle
    6. Put my toungue on the roof of my mouth and see what no double chin would look like
    7. Smile at myself and make me laugh!


    Miss Chris
  • Oh, I just COULDN'T!!
    Call me 40 pounds from now...
  • You crack me up Ellis!

    It's better than naked Yoga ;-)

    Miss Chris
  • Miss Chris
    You are the CHICK! That is really cool. YOu are doing so well, I am very proud of you. I love waving with limited aftershake! Love doing bi-cep curls and seeing that muscle pop right up there. Can make my pec muscles move too, isn't that way too cool? Keep it up girl!
  • Gee, I never tried all that. The tongue on the roof of the mouth works for Chin #3 but what about the others?
    You rock, Miss Chris!
  • Okay here goes...and you are right-it IS better than naked yoga-that could be really gross.
    Naked in front of the mirror now...
    1.) I am getting quite muscular biceps and defined shoulders, so hopefully that can cancel out the "queen's wave" afterflapping.
    2.) I love my tattoos.
    3.) I have accepted my stretch marks all over my stomach, as these are my trophy from having 9 and 10 pound babies...and no cocoa butter or oil could have prevented that!
    4.) I have pretty feet-no callouses or dead skin. (My daily ritual of slathering on foot cream and then putting on socks has given me that.)
    5.) Even though I am still overweight, my body is strong, flexible, and I can dance.
    6.) I have very small, slender hands and wrists. (The hands and wrists of a thin woman)
    7.) The older I get, the more I look like my late paternal grandmother, and it makes me smile because I know that in me my father sees her.
  • Ro-you are so funny!

    Looking in the mirror I see myself:

    -with a smaller waistline
    -firmer butt
    -less "bye-bye" arms
    -a little more toned all over
    -a more positive outlook
  • A little body acceptance and noting the changes goes a long way in keeping that CAN DO attitude! Thank you all for taking a look :-)

    My stretch mark on my belly are my sexy sign of womanhood, battle scars of the pregnancies men will never have!

    Learning to Love ME a little better EVERYDAY!
    Miss Chris
  • Oh... you girls are makin' me friggin' QUEASY, man!! I can visualize ALL OF YOU!! Stop it, or I'll describe myself to YOU!! While you're eating!!!
  • aphil: I like what you said about your grandmother.

    When I look in the mirror I see a sexy a*s, and an hour glass figure. I like the shape of my body, but it is still in transformation. I am building more muscle andd feeling and seeing the difference.

    I am 158 and I have lost 12 pounds...but want to loose 38 more...

    I have always seen myself as smaller than I am, so pictures are a healthy way to see things clearly.

  • I just got a pop-up window. It says, "CONGRATULATIONS! You are the next person to receive a FREE trial of Intimate Glow Arousal Gel!" Goodness me!
  • Well if your not going to use it Ellis ;-)

    Miss Chris
  • I don't NEED it, Chris. snicker
    You may have it.

    By the way, I just looked in the mirror. Pretty damned horrifying, let me tell you. shudder.