Yay! I exercised today!

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  • Just got my exercise chasing Miss Lucy through the woods in the deep snow! She dashed out the door when Harry was bringing in wood and took off. Actually it was fun because Hershey and the three kids from up the hill joined in! Somehow I think she does not want to go to Show Handling class this afternoon! Neither do I but we will go because this morning's blizzard has disappeared! Anyhow we need to keep those snobs in line!
  • Good going, Ruthie!!
    You had a blizzard?!
  • Made it to the gym again tonight for 30 minutes of laps around the pool -then it was hot tub time
  • I will NOT be exercising this week as I am as sick as a ... cat? I'm using all my energy on breathing.
  • I hope you are feeling better Ellis.

    Does 5 minutes of shovelling snow count? It is 13F/-11C with wind chill -5F/-21C out there.
  • Hope you are feeling better Ellis!

    Squeak- I think the shovelling of snow should count for something BTW it is freakin freezing here too!

    I made it to the gym again today and I managed to swim 2 extra laps
  • Hey Mauvais ,
    Way to go! You will soon be swimming the English channel! Seriously, you are doing really well. Keep it up,girl!
  • Thanks Virgina!

    Speaking of England....I may be going there in April by plane of course-not planning on swimming there
  • Sunday and Tuesday
    Walked the plant

    walked the plant and 10 min of abs

    45 min elliptical
    20 min of abs
    5 min of stretching

    3.0 miles in 43:15
    able to increse to 75 lbs on the lat pull down
    up to 140 lb on the leg press
    doing my 10 second counts and getting more reps in!

    Miss Chris
  • I can now leg press 270 lbs. Want to work up to 300 lbs by the end of next month. Doing a little more cardio now. have been going to friends gym with her for this week, and they have a peice of equipment for the abs, which allows you to fold yourself up, and you can use weights or not, the first day I did without and the next I used 10 lbs. It really works the abs, but feels great too. I have not been doing enough ab work I don think, so I am going to do some ab work everyday, and on lower body day I will really give them a going over.
  • Thursday Feb 13

    55 min at the gym
    30 min cardio
    25 min legs and abs
  • Saturday, Feb 15

    An hour and a half of bellydancing!
  • Mauvais, you're going to England!? (uh, yeah... good exercising by the way, girls) You lucky thing, you!! With your parents?
  • I am going to London for a week with DH to work at a gaming convention. I'm really looking forward to it

    Does doing housework vigourously to stay warm count as exercising?
  • I can't believe it!! Another gaming convention!? In London?! no way!!