How Are Those New Year's Resolutions Holding Up?

  • Just wondered how everyone was doing sticking to their New Year's resolutions? Maybe if we drag them back up, we'll have more luck adhering to them.

    My first was to stay away from the vending machine at work. I used to go daily. Since 01/01 I have succumbed just once, but have resisted every other day.

    As far as my knitting...I've been working on a sweater that I started 3 years ago. I may finish it before 2010.

    And for my last one, using up all the odds and ends in the bathrooms i.e. shampoos, creams, lotions etc., I have finished and chucked at least 10 containers
  • resolutions? What resolutions? :D
    let's see... have to cut and paste here...

    1. I will go to the gym at least 3 times a week. Despite depression.
    I HAVE done really well with that one. Usually going 4 times per week

    2. I will draw up a meal schedule so that I am not constantly calling DH for take-outs or cooking out of boxes.
    I've drawn up the schedule, but I haven't started using it yet.

    3. I will stick to the schedule for myself that I've worked out with my psychologist. If I'm going to pay 130 bucks an hour to talk to someone, I'd better damned well start taking her advice.

    4. I will do the "Flylady" thing, and get my house organized.
    made a darned good start

    5. I will renew my health card and get a physical.
    not yet

    6. I will go the dentist.
    god no

    7. I will lose 24 pounds.
    I think I've lost 2 so far

    8. I will stay on top of my daughter's progress, and help her to reach for the 80 average she wants. But her mental health comes far so good

    9. I will go through my tupperware and throw out all containers with no lids.
    I'll get on it right away


    (1) No late night snacking
    Doing very well

    (2) Eat proper low carb meals
    Life has been to hectic

    (3) Stick to an exercise routine
    It's been too freaking cold-brrrr!

    (4) Drink more water
    Doing well

    (5) Eat more fruit
    Doing well

    GOALS FOR 2003:

    (1) Establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle
    working on it

    (2) Organize my finances and paperwork
    working on it-sorted out my accounts and bills

    (3) Get a job in the Government
    went for testing and had an interview today!

    (4) Implement the Flylady plan in my house
    working on it

    (5) Have more time for me
    Ummm...not yet...

    (6) Learn to just say "NO" to doing things that are not in my best interest and to not feel pressured by others or feel socially obligated to go out when I don't really want to.
    Umm...not yet....

    (7) Get more in touch with my spirituality.
    Ummm...not yet...

    (8) Read the pile of books on my bedside table.
    Whoops! Haven't cracked a single one open yet...

    (9) Have more sex!
    heh heh heh not going to kiss and tell

    (10) brush up on my languages
    I have been studying my French books recently and have also started working with my Spanish computer program
  • This is sad...

    ~Lose Weight
    Um, I am up 4.
    ~Do one of my Tai Chi tapes once a week
    ~Bring Lunch to work at least 4 times a week, and eat it when I do bring it
    Not doing too bad with this one.
    ~Keep in touch with people better
    A little, but not really
    ~Read at least one book a month
    I finished Gerald's Game, and am working on White Oleander.
    ~Keep my house clean
    Not even close. But I have been at work a lot more, so I have has less time to clean.
    ~Pay off credit cards
    Working on it
    ~Go out and do something fun at least once a month
    Did go out for fun once.
    ~Get a physical
    No way.

    The one I didn't originally put on here but I have done everyday but once is I have taken my multivitamin & calcium supplement.
  • find an avatar that is graphically potent, is of a Portie and meets with Ellis' approval.
    Well, not perfect but it is of two dogs. I don't know if Ellis approves.

    - also, do more sewing. I have yards and yards of glorious expensive fabrics! Think heavy turquoise silk!
    Made a list of what I want to do once the sewingroom is warmer and tidied up.

    - keep in touch with my real life friends.
    Brian, Ed and Mel - now back in touch with them. Also called Helen in BC. Need to get back in touch with Shirleyanne, my longtime Ottawa friend! Am going for coffee with the Olivos on Saturday.

    - keep out of local politics, no matter what!
    Yup! Will not run for school board or Library Board in the Fall elections. Have only a minor directorship on the Fair Board and will no longer be Warden of the Church effective Feb. 1.

    - use my spa certificates wisely and keep going at least once a month
    Have not done this yet. Too busy but will do a facial and manicure in Feb.

    I also resolved to get stronger but it's been too damned cold to walk. However I am back to doing the shoulder exercises and the wrists are healing nicely. I refuse to be a weak physical wreck when I am an old lady. I saw that in my Mum who wouldn't even lift a roast out of the oven!

    Hmmmm....thanks for bringing this up, Merrylegs.
  • I didn't make any except to keep dieting. Well I am doing that! LOL!

    Miss Chris