Boot Rant

  • Hi chicks,

    After reading through the "Favorite Clothing Items" thread, I see that I'm not the only one who has trouble finding knee high boots that fit!

    I've been looking for a knee high pair of RED boots since before Christmas. I'll bet I've tried on 10 different kinds at 5 or 6 different stores and I can BARELY get them zipped halfway.
    It's so embarrassing too - going to store after store - and feeling like Cinderella's wicked stepsisters with their big feet.

    While my calves aren't small, they are hardly "plus size".
    But I haven't found any that have come close to fitting,
    and I haven't had much luck finding the "pleather" boots
    in red, either.

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ... they make "plus size" clothes, so why
    do they make all the boots for women with BIRD LEGS???

    Sabrina, who has no knee high red boots, and is rather pissed
    about it.

    P.S. I've never been to a Lane Bryant. Do they sell boots???
  • I feel your pain...
    Luckily you are far too skinny to shop at Lane Bryant. They only sell 14 and up sizes, but have very trendy clothes. No shoes or boots though.

    Good luck on finding a pair of red boots... I have looking for the perfect pair of dark red shoes OR boots forever. It has been impossible. Let me know if you find a pair!

    Curses to those designers!!
  • >>>They only sell 14 and up sizes, but have very trendy clothes. No shoes or boots though.

    Shoot! Well, it was worth a try.

    By the way, I found the most hilarious account of a women in a similar predicament -- it's her story of her frustrating search for the perfect pair of knee high boots:

    I could have written this myself.

    Bootless Sabrina of the Huge Calves
  • Sojourner:

    Here's a possibility:

    However, I'm not sure what they mean by "bordeaux". It looks brown on the Web site, but I know colors can be distorted.
    This one looks like it might have potential, tho.

  • Sabrina that article on the boots was hysterical! I was laughing out loud! It so reminded me of my own boot shopping experiences and how I felt. The writer was bang on!
  • LOVED the article. Though I haven't had the zippage problem, I am one of those bizarre fat women with no butts and chicken legs to hold up my heart attack proportioned midsections and large chests, I have run into the sales attitude. For me its jeans. Apparently all women have butts and hips and I am just Miss Bizzaro. Because if I buy a pair of jeans that fit my waist then then they are so baggy in the thighs and butt I look like a clown. After one salesperson gave me the whole well I guess you just can't wear our jeans I marched my butt over to the mens section. Guess what mens jeans are made for people built like me and they actually have an inseam length so I can get pants long enough!

    Miss Chris
  • Boots
    Well the Nordstrom boots definitely look like a possibility... of course I would have to drive 100 miles to the nearest Nordstroms to check it out and then of course they wouldn't have my size . I can totally relate to the boot article... as I have tried on plenty of boots that won't zip up. However, I am one that would find a pair of disco era boots heavenly... and red would even be better!

    Ro... I can understand your jean problem... however I am in the opposite boat. Anything that fits my waist is really tight in my butt and thighs. It is a rare pair of jeans that fit nice and snug around the waist and reasonably loose through my hips and thighs. And let me tell you... there is no clothing more irritating than a really loose waist band.... where the loose waist material sticks out and distorts whatever waistline I am trying to salvage. I have a whole closet full of jeans with loose waists that I am going to have to give away. Unless I am wearing a really bulky sweater that will hide the loose waist, it is hopeless.