Daily food journals week of Jan 6th

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  • New week new food journal thread- sorry if this seems a bit anal retentive but I am really trying to get back and stay on track this time.

    Planned menu for Monday, January 6, 2003

    herbal tea

    low-fat yogurt

    salad with romaine lettuce, red leaf lettuce, chopped raw broccoli,
    2 oz chopped cheese, 2 oz chopped lean ham, oil and vinegar dressing.

    1 navel orange

    My Big Fat Greek Dinner:

    Greek salad
    Grilled flat bread with tatziki
    Greek beer
  • No need to apologize... that's what we're here for... to read your food journal.
  • I think I have a go at this. Actually I have been keeping a journal, just haven't been posting it.

    Monday 1/6

    1 tea w/ no-cal sweetener and about an oz. of milk
    1 bowl of instant oatmeal
    Multi-Vitamin & calcium supplement

    Non-fat yogurt ~Had a bite of this then decided on a mini peppermint patty instead.

    about a 1/2 can Tuna & crackers
    about 8 little cheddar cheese cubes
    non-fat vanilla pudding ~didn't get to eat this

    Fat free Apples & Cinnamon muffin (about 120 cal.) ~wasn't at my desk long enough to eat this.

    Swedish Meatball Lean Cusinie

    piece of ice cream cake

    Snack at 2:30am:
    handful of mint M&Ms

    But that is the plan - I will come back and make changes. I don't think it is going to be a particularly good day at work so it will either be less food (too busy) or more (stressed and eating chocolate)
  • monday:

    so far:

    - 2 waters
    - 1 slice whole wheat bread with low-fat marg
  • Mon Jan 6

    B: 1 english muffin(133)
    1 tbsp of lite peanut butter
    8 oz water

    L: spinach salad(50)
    Lean Cuisine Fettuccine Alfredo(240)
    16 oz water

    S:1 cup baby carrots(50)
    4 tbsp Skinny Dips Baba Ganoosh(42)
    1 granola bar (130)

    D:1 skinless, boneless chicken breast(206)
    1 cup of green beans(30)
    2/3 cup of rice(117)

    S:4 cups of popcorn(280)

  • Tues. Jan 7/03

    B:1 english muffin(133)
    1 tbsp lite peanut butter(76)

    S:1 granola bar(130)

    L:2 bocca burgers(134)
    2/3 cup rice(117)
    1/2 cup green beans(15)
    16 oz. water

    S:2 cups skinny corn chips(120)
  • Hi!

    I'm making dinner right now. I guess it's good to post.

    BF: instant cream of wheat
    2 black coffees (130)

    Lunch: lettuce and half a tomatoe salad with half a can of tuna on top and half a cup of kidney beans and measured low fat dressing (300)

    diet coke

    Snack: handful of red seedless grapes (100)
    Pria powerbar (110)

    Snack: about a 150 calorie serving of tortilla chips and black bean dip (around 300 cal. total)

    Dinner: 4 oz. chicken grilled
    green pepper, onion diced tomatoes
    2 oz. pasta (550)

    Snack: tea later and maybe a half a cookie (100)

    Around 1600-1700 perfect!
  • Jan7


    fat free yogurt

    Chicken soup
    wholegrain crackers
    2 peices of gruyere cheese


    spiced beef
  • Hey darlings... I'm going to steal your food today. I'm going to plan my food for the day by cut and pasting some of YOUR foods!

    - 1 slice whole wheat bread with low fat marg
    - 1 water

    Workout at gym.
    - 2 waters

    - 1 cup baby carrots(50)
    - Chicken soup

    - 2 coffees... big treat...haven't had any for DAYS! (UTI)

    - dried prunes

    - Lean Cuisine
    - baby carrots
    - 2 waters

    - 2 cups skinny corn chips(120)

    Let's see if I can actually stick to this...

    Thank you, Mauvais. I've had a minor slip-up. Ate a whole wheat raisin muffin after my workout.
  • Go Ellisgo!

    Jan 8 Menu plan

    Bran Muffin

    non-fat yogurt

    roast pork sandwich
    tomato juice

    Pear with some Gruyere cheese

    broiled steak
    mixed green and yellow beans
    side salad
  • January 8 - plan

    B: dry bagel, grapefruit, skim milk in coffee (already had this)

    L: Boca and fat free cheese, apple

    D: chicken on mixed greens with Light Made Right dressing

    PMS: Fiber One, skim milk
  • Thursday Jan 9th

    B:1 egg(81)
    1 english muffin(133)
    1 slice fat free cheese(31)
    16 oz water

    L:spinach salad(50)
    Lean Cuisine Chicken and vegetables(274)
    16 oz. water

    S:1 low-fat blueberry muffin(130)
    1 decaf coffee

    D:1 chicken breast(394)
    1 cup broccoli and cauliflower(48)
    1/2 cup Lipton Sidekicks Three Cheese(217)

    S:4 cups of popcorn(280)
    16 oz. water


    Went way over in calories today.
  • January 9, 2003


    apple and gruyere cheese
    herbal tea

    Ham sandwich
    3 shortbread cookies

    Salad with mixed lettuce, chiken, tomato, cheese and balsamic vinegrette

    1 orange
  • Thursday the something or other:

    - 2 coffees with skim milk
    - 1 whole wheat toast w/low fat marg
    - little fat free yogurt

    - Lean Cuisine lunch

    - bowl of low fat cereal w/skim milk

    - Lean C for dinner

    - baked low fat chips/snack
  • Here's every bit of food I ate!
    BF: one cup black coffee
    one cup of coffee with one little creamer in it

    L: 1/2 cup kidney beans
    10 little carrots
    tuna sand. on bread w/ really lowfat mayo
    one hershey's kiss

    Pick up snack: 5 pretzels

    Official on my way to the gym snack: 1 0z. cheddar cheese

    Dinner: stuffed pepper
    10 oz. skim milk

    Snack: coffee with tiny bit of skim milk
    tea with nothing

    This is about 1300 calories. A really low day!

    I weighed in today and had lost more weight. It's been 12 days since I began and I have lost 5.5 pounds-"slow and steady wins the race".