Yay! I exercised today!

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  • Well I thought I would get motivated and start a daily exercise log to inspire ourselves and each other

    Jan 1, 2002

    Shclepped all day watching movies but I did go out for a 1/2 hour walk with DH this afternoon.
  • Jan 2/03

    I was at the gym for 1 hour today.
    40 minutes cardio and 20 minutes using weights
  • Jan 1st
    Was at the gym for about 1 hour
    20 cardio
    40 weights, Upper Body today

    Jan 2nd
    Want to finish getting my gym together today and do WO here. Hubby working tonight, so will not get there with Pam tonight.
  • Way to go Wantolosealot and OI812!
  • Went to the gym, did 30 minutes weights, 20 minutes cardio. I'm aiming for 20 workouts a month.
  • I'm deathly ill, but I moved some furniture today. I think that counts.
  • When you're deathly ill, breathing counts!
  • Ok...
    Since starting out slow seems to work best for me, I did a 20 minute Tai Chi tape tonight. I'm just proud of myself for taking this first step. Sigh... I really hate the thought of having to exercise. I know, I know... I'll feel SO much better... but I really wish I didn't have to.
  • Excercise Log
    Been doing good!

    Dec. 29th
    20 min elliptical glider
    6 min. abs
    20 min. pilates

    Dec. 30th
    20 min elliptical glider
    7 min. abs
    20 min. pilates

    Jan. 1
    45 min treadmill
    45 min weight lifting
    new weightlifting challenge: 100 lbs. chest press (machine)
    25 lb. free weight bi-cep curl

    Jan. 2
    24 min ellpitical glider
    6 min abs

    Miss Chris
  • I am SO proud of all you exercising babes!! Congratulations, darlings!!
    Merrylegs... my sentiments EXACTLY!!
  • Good going girls! Keep up the great work!

    Jan 3/03

    1 hour at the gym
    35 min cardio
    25 min weights
  • well...
    The cursed YMCA sent me a free pass so I'm going to drag my sorry butt over there this afternoon with DH. Did I happen to mention that DH teaches SIX cycle classes a week at Gold's Gym and the YMCA? Plus he lifts weights regularly and runs. Drats, why doesn't any of this motivation rub off on me??
  • Chest and Abs of Steel
    Jan. 03

    Abs and Chest of Steel 2000
    30 min. of cardio
    30 min. of toning and stretching

    Feeling good! Feeling strong!

    Miss Chris
  • I went for a 1/2 hour walk with DH tonight after supper.
  • 30 min upper body at the gym
    1 hr walk with DH and the 3 dogs