Yay! I exercised today!

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  • I did not do any extra exercise today....but.....DH came home with our new gym memberships! Yay!

    Guess I'll go dig out my workout gear and bathing suit so we can go this weekend!
  • Hey girls...

    30 min Curves workout
    Walk to and from son's school for conferences...maybe10 min, but it beats taking the car!
  • Jan 8

    Walked 1 hr. with the dogs
    Lower body at the gym

    Jan 9

    Walked 1 hr. with the dogs
    Upper body and abs at the gym

    Great to see everybody so hard at it! Know you'll enjoy your gym membership, Mauvais.
  • Kelly, Mauvais, Kat and Merrylegs... GO GIRLS!!!

    When to the gym tonight with my sister and a couple of friends. It was fun, but I much prefer going alone. And it was SO busy there. I'm grateful that I'm able to go there regularly in the mornings when it's quiet.
    Anyway, I only burned about 300 calories on the bike/treadmill, but I'm glad I went.
  • Friday Jan 10th

    45 min at the gym
    30 min cardio
    15 min upper body/abs
  • I love your quotation, OI812 (& I JUST got your name, that's great too!)

    Monday - Thursday, treadmill each day minimum 25 minutes, maximum 60 minutes

    Friday - no treadmill, but long slog round grocery store

    plus 2 2/3 miles total walks to and from school & back, each day!

  • 5th day at the gym this week! Burned 500 calories tonight.

    Abs and Chest of Steel 2000
    30 min. aerobics
    30 min. of abs and chest toning-can you say push-ups!

    I am singing and bouncing! LOL!
    Miss Chris
  • Jan 10:

    legs, biceps and triceps at the gym!
  • Jan 11, 2003

    25 minute walk to dance class
    1 1/2 hours of Belly dancing
    25 minute walk home
  • Saturday Jan 11th

    60 min at the gym
    30 min cardio
    30 min lower body and abs
  • Jan 11/03

    25 minutes on the treadmill including JOGGING FOR 10 MINUTES WITHOUT STOPPING! That's a first for me, ever.

    30 minutes upper body with my new dumbbells!