Yay! I exercised today!

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  • Jan 4/03

    1 hour at the gym
    35 min cardio
    25 min upper body/stomach
  • You gals are awesome!

    Jan 4th
    Pilates- 40 min

    Miss Chris
  • You are all amazing!

    January 4th

    40 minutes walk (@ abt 3.5-4 mph)

    At our house we have all made a chart to make sure we fulfill the NY resolutions - mine is 30 mins minimum of some exercise per day (including weights 3x a week) - so that plus this thread will kick me in the right direction!

  • Keep going, everyone! You're doing great!

    Treadmill 30 minutes
  • YAY!!!
    The last couple of days I have done my short but fun Tai Chi tape. And TODAY I actually went to the YMCA and used my free pass. I walked/ran 30 minutes on the treadmill and then did a short but effective bicep and tricep workout with the free weights. My goal when I lift weights is to do a few sets with increasing weights but I must do a heavy enough weight on the last set until muscles failure. I feel really, really good now. Why is my memory so short that I can't remember how great it feels after I am done working out? It feels much better than lying on the couch in a near comatose state of lethargy and yawning.
  • Way to go everyone-keep it up

    Today DH and I went for a walk downtown. 35 minutes to get there and then we walked around the downtown core for another 1 and 1/2 hours then another 35 minutes to get home.

    Felt good to be outside but now my calves hurt
  • And on the 7th day I rested. GOOD JOB EVERYONE! Posting here is my gold star for the day!

    Determined to suceed in 2003!
    Miss Chris
  • Hi all,

    Sorry I've been the stranger lately but I have a good excuse:


    That's right - I've been going to the gym regularly for the past
    week and 1/2, and am starting to transition from the "I don't want to go" phase to the "I can't wait to go!" phase.

    Yeah, I know it sounds sick.

    I feel darn good to be back on track!

  • Sunday Jan 5--rested

    Monday Jan /03

    50 minutes at the gym
    35 min cardio
    15 min lower body/abs
  • You're all doing great!! I'm so proud of you!!

    DH and I got back to the gym today. First time since stomach flu. I did 30 minutes on the bike and 30 on the treadmill. I could only run for 2 minutes, but I'm still weak from the flu... I'll get back up there!
  • Keep it up, everybody. We're a bunch of lean, mean exercising machines!!

    Jan 6 went to the gym after work; 30 minutes cardio, 30 minutes lower body
  • Light workout today since I was at work so late, plus 4th day of 12 hour shifts slow me down. Not an excuse I assure you.

    15 min Yoga stretching
    6 min Abs

    Miss Chris
  • 20 minute walk to restaurant
    20 minute walk home

    Not bad considering I almost drove there instead
  • Tues Jan 7/03

    1 hour at the gym
    35 min cardio
    25 min upper body/abs
  • Okay, here goes...
    I managed to get my butt back to the gym. Last night, I walked on the treadmill for 20 min, used the upper body weight machines for about 10 min, and took a 90 min Yoga class.

    I had intended to take a Step class this morning. I managed to procrastinate enough to get there too late for class. I sat in the car, thinking, "Well, I may as well go home, I missed the class." I literally had to talk myself into going into the gym. I was feeling very obstinate. (All or nothing attitude) When I DID get inside ALL the treadmills and ellipticals were taken...I settled for the "wimpy" bike. HA! Set it on Cardio for 20 min and really got a great, sweaty workout! I managed to keep my heart rate around 140 the whole time. I discovered that it's OKAY for the workout to be hard! That's what we want it to be!! I know that sounds dumb, but my natural tendency is to stop when it gets too hard to do something. Which is why I don't get a lot of stuff done! It was HARD, making my 260 lb body pedal hard enough to keep my heart rate at the number. Yes, but it wasn't impossible...and I felt damn good when it was over.

    So, I'm proud of myself for that! Just felt the need to share. Everyone is doing great, it's so good to see such a motivated crowd. Keep it up, gang!