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  • BLAH!

    I ate my face off on the 24, 25 and 26th and then got sick with a terrrible cold and have been living off soup and bagels since the 27th!

    I have to get back in control of my eating!

    December 29


    bagel and cream cheese

    1 Thick slice roast beef with gravy
    1/2 baked potato
    broccoli and zuchinni
    apple pie
    2 glasses of red wine
  • I definitely know what my weak point is - eating all my daily calories at one meal.

    Anyway, here we go:

    BF - nada

    Lunch - SF cranberry juice

    Dinner out with DH -

    sourdough bread....(so good! after months of no bread!)
    boiled lobster
    2 boiled small red potatoes
    iced tea

    2 bites of DH's apple cobbler, a cup of really good coffee
  • December 30

    I am still not feeling much like eating due to my cold so i didn't eat much today don't feel like cooking either nuh-huh

    Oatmeal raisin muffin

    Chicken noodle soup

    Chicken rice soup
  • Okay, I'm starting today.

    Dec 31st:

    - 2 coffees with no fat milk

    back later...
  • Monday Dec 30th
    coffee with skim milk and three pieces of toast with scrapping of margarine. 2 glasses water
    Rice and chicken for lunch- 2 glasses water
    homemade macaroni and cheese w/skim milk I piece of raisin bread - glass of water
    3 small shortbreads
    protein drink after the gym, cup of tea w/ smidge of skim milk
    small bowl of clam chowder w/ milk not cream
  • still carbing up before restarting LC:


    breakfast - one half of english muffin, sugar free juice

    lunch - small bowl french onion soup - 3 handfuls cheez-its

    dinner - black beans and rice, plantains, iced tea

    snack - 2 squares chocolate, one half of a large latte
  • December 31

    2 slices of toast with butter
    1 cup herbal tea

    Cheese and crackers
    2 mandarin oranges

    Dinner: Indian Food!

    Butter chicken
    Onion Bajee
    Beef Curry
    Nan Bread
    Matar Paneer

    2 beers
    1 drinkie at midnight
  • Okay, I'm starting tomorrow.
  • Good idea, getting back to this! Thanks Mauvais - you are an inspiration!

    December 31

    B: 2 wholegrain toast, jam

    L: 1/3 piece low fat carrot bread, 1/4 cup Yogen Fruz [at museum cafe, had to share with child who despised her sandwich, which I couldn't eat as it was full o' mayo!]

    S: 2 hard candies

    D: low fat chicken caesar (4 cups mixed greens, 1 Tb Light Made Right Caesar dressing, 125 cals worth of Jane's brand skinless chicken strips)

    S: abt 9 mint sticks, 10 cashews
    1 diet fudgsicle
    1 pink grapefruit w. 1 tsp sugar
    glass and a half of sparkling wine cuz it is New Year's Eve!

    this added up to abt 1140 cals altogether

  • Okay, here I am again. Ate a big bag of chips yesterday, so I'm starting TODAY!!

    so far:

    - 2 coffees with no fat milk
    - 2 whole wheat bread with low-fat marg

    - boiled perogies with no fat sour cream and a little butter
    - two little spring rolls fresh from my lovely neighbour's oven

    Lots of water...
  • Mauvais - your Indian food sounds nummy yummy!


    bf - none

    lunch - french onion soup - cheeze its

    dinner -

    salmon spread
    2 tiny spinach puffs

    *3* bloody marys!!!

    2 homemade poppyseed cookies
  • Ok...
    Here I am... I will record my food intake even though I really don't like doing it. Yep...a new year, a new me.

    January 1, 2003


    bowl of oatmeal w/ raisins, 1 tsp brown sugar and 1T lite syrup (~325 cals)
    16 oz glass of water


    1 pita w/ 2 T red pepper hummus & 8 cucumber slices (~275 cals)
    16 oz glass of water


    10 sour patch candies (~90 cals)
    16 oz glass of water


    Chicken terriyaki with vegetables (1/2 restaurant portion) (~ 350 cals)
    vegetable fried rice (1/2 portion) (~250 cals)
    20 oz diet coke

    1/2 Twix bar (140 cals)
    2 - 16 oz glass of water

    Best estimate ~ 1430 calories
    80 oz of water

    That's it...

    BTW Mauv... I am an Indian food addict... it is hands down my favorite of all food. We went out the other day and I ordered my usual Chicken Mahkani (butter chicken) mixed vegetable pakoras, rice, nan, with small side dishes of curried vegetables, lentils, and some sort of cucumber/yogurt combo that I don't know the name of. YUM!
  • Hi! Happy New Year...

    I'm new at 3Fatchicks. I have joined the group doing the Vlentine's Day challenge off the Buddy List, but I also need this thread. I don't like to write down what I eat and I tend to forget to. And I know once I'm back at work tomorrow I'll also be lazy and probably stop writing it down. But here goes:

    BF: cup of coffee
    cream of wheat cereal

    Lunch: one stuffed pepper (homemade w/turkey burger, I've figured the calories at 200 a pepper)
    handful of grapes

    Snack: Pria powerbar

    Dinner: one stuffed pepper
    small salad with light dressing (measured)
    glass of skim milk

    Snack: yogurt

    and then later I'll also have tea Bigelow Sweet Dreams is excellent!

    And yes...I've had tons of water in between.

    I'll estimate the calories at: 1,300 WOW that's pretty low, but I think that's a well balanced day.
  • Welcome ilovemyluckycat!

    Barefootgrrrl- the Indian food was yummy, in fact I ate the leftovers for lunch today

    Jan 1, 2002

    BF: tea and toast

    Lunch: leftover Indian food

    Dinner: Chicken Kiev and mixed vegetables

    Snack: big bowl of white cheddar cheese popcorn
  • Happy New Year everyone!

    January 1st

    B: 2 p wholegrain toast, jam, skim milk in coffee

    L: 2 1/2 cups puffed wheat, skim milk, 1 tsp sugar

    S: (at movies) 3 chocolate balls (75 cals), 4 mint LifeSavers (45)
    [this was before lunch which was at 3 pm as we went to Two Towers wh was great!!)

    D: (planned) low fat chicken caesar as 12/31 diary (125 cals chicken, 35 dressing, abt 35 for salad mix, = 205 cals)

    PMS: a diet fudgsicle or 2, pink grapefruit OR some Fiber One with skim milk.


    That Indian food DOES sound wonderful, Mauvais! I can't wait to get some on Saturday night!